Zimmerpalmen pictures – what are the typical types of palm trees?

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Palms pictures - which palms species can decorate your apartment fabulously

Even if you live in a city apartment and have no garden, you can enjoy the freshness of the plants. Indoor plants can make a significant difference to the interior and freshen up the atmosphere noticeably. There are, of course, many species of potted plants and the palms are a special variety of them that emit a lot of positive energy.

These are big, lush and fit perfectly in every room, even in the bathroom, as an example from our picture gallery below shows. Take your time and familiarize yourself with the palm species that are most commonly found in our home. May the following room palms pictures serve as inspiration for you!

Potted plants and palm trees - Decoration ideas for a cozy home

zimmerpalmen pictures potted plants potted plants easy-care

Of course, room palms are different from the actual palm trees in the tropics, but you will also give your home a sunny mood. Usual palm trees for the home are the hemp palm, the mountain palm, the gold fruit palm, as well as the dwarf date palm. There are still palm-like plant species, which are also held because of their optical similarity for indoor palms. Such species are e.g. the palm-tree (Yucca palm) and the dragon tree.

Dragon tree in the living room - also fits a minimalist decor

palm trees pictures potted plants easy care dragon tree

Tropical serenity at home

palm-for-bedroom potted plants-deco-ideas-living room

Potted plants with big impact - gold fruit palm

palms for the room pictures potted plants easy to clean

The dwarf date palm (a Pfoenix subspecies) is one of the Fiederpalmen

palms for the room palms pictures potted plants easy-care

Palm trees for the room - styles and decoration ideas

living room pictures potted plants green living

Put small hemp palm in the middle of the living room - how do you like the idea?

palm trees palms species potted plants deco ideas

Kentia palm is a low maintenance houseplant

indoor potted pictures potted plants easy care kentiapalme care

Create a cozy Zen atmosphere at home

living room ideas living room palms pictures potted plants

The gold fruit palm is one of the most popular room palms

indoor potted pictures potted plants cool decoration ideas

Palm species as large houseplants

zimmerpalmen pictures bucket plants easy-care palms

Small Yucca palm trees

palms for the room pictures potted plants deco ideas

Elegant living room in tropical style

living room ideas room palms pictures potted plants

Modern bathroom - freestanding bath surrounded by mountain palm trees

room palms pictures modern bathroom freestanding bathtub

Modern upholstered furniture and a large gold fruit palm in between

indoor potted pictures potted plants easy care feng shui plants

Create a relaxed atmosphere in the study

room palms pictures palms types workroom set up

Great decision for apartments with a high ceiling

room palms pictures palms species dragon tree big

Dining plants

palms pictures palms species dining room furnishing ideas

In summer, you can leave the palm in the open air

palms pictures potted palms species

Indoor plants in the house library

indoor potted pictures potted plants easy care dragon tree care

Small mountain palm for repotting

palm trees pictures potted plants easy-care palms

Almost to the ceiling

indoor potted pictures potted plants easy care living room plants