Plan balcony design – 30 really amazing interior design ideas

Create a relaxing corner on the small balcony

Consider some key elements of the balcony design to create a beautiful, cozy outdoor retreat for the warm spring and hot summer days. Depending on how much time you spend on the balcony, you can design a thematic and practical space. Here we show you several ideas for a functional and cozy atmosphere on the small balcony.

Be sure to consider the load-bearing capacity of your balcony if you want to arrange furniture. The balcony furniture made of rattan is a very suitable furnishing solution for this purpose, as they seem very lightweight and durable.

Even if you do not inhabit your balcony in winter, it should look attractive from home. Therefore, you ensure its arrangement and comfort. You can also use it as a winter garden and place winter-proof pots there.

balcony design

beutiful design balcony design idea cozy blue

If you spend more time in the afternoon and at night out on the balcony, take care of the lighting. Fairy lights or indirect lights are a perfect solution.

Very important is the size and shape of the furniture - it should be appropriate for outdoor spaces.

You could still create a visual effect and make the small room look bigger by planning the flooring well.
Choose plants that are good for the microclimate. This is a very important aspect, even more important than the flowerbed in the garden. Grow better year-old and tropical plants ..

 Many colors and home textiles offer coziness

design idea comfortable balcony design

Light balls and fairy lights are romantic and confidential

balcony design bereaved design idea cozy lighting

Lightweight rattan furniture with soft pads

design idea cozy flowerpot balcony design

Hanging garden on the balcony - why not?

design berry balcony design idea cozy flooring wood

Compact seating area

beutiful design idea balcony design cozy coffee table

Private area on the roof

balcony berry design idea cozy roof

Fresh, lively colors

balcony berly design idea cozy colorful

Cuddly textures

design bereaved design idea cozy fresh balcony

Spend the free afternoons on the balcony

balcony plants erotically design idea leisurely

surrounded by greenery

The design of the cozy balcony plants is noteworthy

Drinking the afternoon coffee outside with a friend

balcony plants usefully design idea cozy grass

Fixed garden chair painted in green

balcony design usefully design idea cozy green garden chair

Aesthetic side table in the shape of an owl

design bereaved design idea cozy hammock balcony

Vintage atmosphere creates here the big lantern on the ground

balcony light protection bearish design idea cozy wood

Hang swing on the balcony would definitely delight your kids

exterior beutiful design idea cozy pillow

Use the summer colors on the balcony

balcony plants usefully design idea cozy folding furniture

Compact, urban balcony comfortably designed

beutiful design idea cozy small balcony

Take a nap on the balcony

exterior bewehnlich design idea cozy lounger

Balcony furniture made of metal

beutiful design idea cozy metal furniture

Balcony plants refresh this boring outdoor space

design bereaved design idea home plants balcony

Rattan made of rattan - suitable for reading worms

wickedly design idea cozy rattan armchair

Designer armchairs made of rattan offer ergonomics and style

balcony usefully design idea cozy rattan armchair

Monochromatic, but chic - floor cushions

balcony berry design idea cozy black white

Formal bench decorated with interesting throw pillows

wickedly design idea cozy sitting area

  Invite the sun on your own balcony

exotic balcony plants usefully design idea cozy sunny

Black and white ambience

balcony plants bereaved design idea cozy stripes

Soft throws and cushions are these that bring comfort and peculiarity

compact space bewehnlich design idea cozy throw

Typical urban balcony

design bereaved design idea cozy vintage balcony

Create a wellness oasis yourself

balcony design bereaved design idea cozy sofa