Terrace design examples – 40 inspiring ideas

Creating an oasis of well-being in the open air is our goal every summer season. Much has been written about it, discussed and presented. Here are some of our previous posts that offer interesting ideas and pictures of cozy terraces and balconies. Today we would like to give you some Terrace design examples imagine. These will surely grab your attention. The examples are very diverse and show a wide range of different styles and preferences. Take a look and you will definitely find something for your taste.

Modern terrace design - relaxation for all the senses

designer terrace pictures architects house decking pergola jacuzzi whirlpool

Designer Ideas - Rooftop Pool

designer terrace pictures architects house roofing pool

Design the small balcony - practical and easy to implement proposals

colored terrace design ideas wood tiles table vertical garden seat cushions

Color accents and comfortable rattan garden furniture

colored terrace design ideas rattan furniture runner tile floor

Rustic furnished terrace in the Mexican style

colored terrace design in country style seat cushion chair runner

Glass pergola on the patio provides protection and adds an elegant touch to it

glass pergola patio design examples sun lounger dining table with chairs

Wooden veranda in country style

wooden terrace fashion pictures wood furniture firewood

Lay wooden tiles on the terrace

modern terrace design images examples designer lounge furniture wooden floor pool

Modern, minimalist and stylish - elegant outdoor furniture with a simple design

modern terrace design ideas examples lounge furniture balcony plants

Modular rattan furniture is the highlight on the modern terrace

modern patio design ideas examples lounge furniture rattan wood parasol

Rattan and bamboo provide a very natural look

sustainable-architectural-terrace-design examples rattan furniture wooden floor view and sunscreen made of bamboo

Wooden furniture with green coverings in harmony with nature

sustainable architecture terrasse design examples wood furniture wooden roofing

Dining room on the terrace

rustic terrace design dining area dining table wooden bench chairs runner decking vertical garden

Wellness oasis on the roof terrace of a city apartment

city ​​apartment terrace design pictures examples lounge hammock seat cushions wicker chair

The most important aspects of the terrace design can be formulated in the following keywords:

- planting - The greener the terrace, the better and closer to nature you would feel

- lighting - The well-designed patio lighting allows relaxing summer evenings with friends
- outdoor furniture - These provide for your comfort. Depending on the size of your patio, choose the right outdoor furniture for you. For example, if you have a small balcony, get handy folding chairs and a compact coffee table. However, if your patio provides a relatively large area, then you can let off steam metaphorically and create a few different areas - e. There is a dining area, a relaxation area and / or an outdoor kitchen.

- Visibility and sun protection - this point is not to be overlooked. The choice here is also great - from a simple parasol to an awning to a sturdy wooden or metal pergola.

These Terrace design examples The goal is to help you and to inspire you to respect the conditions mentioned above and to fulfill them in the best possible way.

This photo is a good example of this - lush planting, floor and wall lighting, privacy screens from all sides and outdoor furniture for dining and relaxation areas

terrace design examples garden furniture dining area design relaxation corner plants

Relax in a wicker hammock chair

terrace design examples wooden planks hanging chair balcony plants

Cozy sitting on the balcony

terrace design examples coffee table armchair patio furniture ideas

The right lighting in the garden or on the terrace allows cozy summer evenings with friends

terrace design examples lounge furniture made of wood sustainable architecture

Luxury terrace with pool

terrace design examples rattan garden furniture pool curtain ideas

Terrace with wooden roofing, concrete flooring and rattan garden furniture

terrace design examples rattan furniture coffee table wooden terrace roofing

Unique coffee table made of pallets

terrace design examples rattan furniture coffee table terrace roofing concrete flooring

Inspiration from the tropics

patio design examples rattan furniture palms tropical garden dining area

Roof terrace design - ideas and examples

terrace design examples rattan furniture chairs privacy sun protection wood floor decking

Relax under the shade of the awning and possibility for a pleasant sunbath by the terrace

terrace design examples seating seating pillow sunbed canopy wooden floor

Designer furniture made of rattan

terrace design examples seating rattan garden furniture ideas hanging chair

Living protection from lush plants

terrace design examples sunloungers chairs sight protection plants

Terrace design in minimalist style

terrace design examples decking glass sliding door upholstered furniture stool plants

Recessed lights in the decking

terrace design examples of decking glass sliding doors

Outdoor living room

terrace design examples of decking boards sliding door exterior design

Designer floor lights and rattan furniture

terrace design pictures examples rattan garden furniture floor lamps lighting ideas

Green harmony

terrace design images lounge living vision stone floor

Pergola and garden sofa in the same design

terrace design pictures lounge furniture pergola sofa

Side view protection made of wood

terrace design ideas examples of rattan garden furniture terrace protection of wooden floors tile floor

Modern pendant lights and curtains as terrace sight protection

terrace design ideas examples wooden furniture pendant lights

Simple idea with great effect

terrace design ideas examples wood stone lounge furniture lounger seat cushion

Garden pergola made of metal

terrace design ideas pictures examples garden furniture garden pergola

Natural and oriental style

terrace design ideas pictures examples wood garden furniture lantern throw pillow

Wooden table with two benches

terrace design patio furniture ideas examples wooden bench wooden table trestle decking

Low-lying solid wood coffee tables

wooden decking terrace furniture ideas sustainable architecture

outside area set up terrace decor living area furniture