Redesign the terrace – paint the decking in color

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Creating a new terrace - colorful ideas for the wooden porch

There are so many reasons why you should color the terrace. I would now like to take some of these together with you and give you some advice in this regard. Do you think that could be useful for you? Then I wish you a lot of fun while reading.

Invigorate the old terrace

redesign the terrace outdoor furniture wooden veranda paint wood flooring

Do you have an old terrace that does not look so appealing or even really rugged? They can do wonders with a little color.

Try it

You want to be sure that you choose the right color? Then first paint a smaller area and only then decide to paint the entire area. If you do not like it, remove it with a scraper. This is much better than sanding, because that would avoid the uneven look.

Basic rule when using colors

redesign terrace redesign wooden decking terrace decking

Do you remember the lessons from the school? Find a dominant, non-changing color that will go well with your backyard. Color the siding to create a smoky blue counterpoint.

Wood is important

Each type of wood has its own unique character. Pine wood is often put to use on the terraces and if you do not cover it with a top layer, it shows a green shade. If the natural color bothers you, you could provide it with a top layer of your choice. Alternatively, they could enhance the natural color. The renewal of the paint every two or three years once helps to preserve the appealing character of the terrace.

Choose the right color

redesign the terrace terrace decking paint

I would like to list a few typical color options and help you decide.


These nuances can be used to achieve a "side by side" effect. On large surfaces, this shading is especially recommended.


Do you want a more modern look and a gorgeous bench in the garden? Then I would recommend you this color.


It is particularly strong in front of a brick wall. Try it in smaller doses so it does not look too dominant.

dark Brown

wooden decking decking paint natural color

You could pair this modest shade with furniture in bold nuances. I mean saturated red, marine blue and turquoise. Since it can be combined well with other shades, it can be fixed on large surfaces.


terrace redesign outdoor furniture wooden veranda

Sage green has enough gray in it and will complement the appearance of the leaves and not compete with them. It also works very well in large quantities.


redesign patio terrace decking paint

Look for colors that are suitable for the terrace. Some shades based on oil or water protect the wood from moisture and other harmful influences. You usually have four levels of opacity and you should decide on your taste.

Close to nature

redesign the terrace terrace decking paint garden furniture

This will hardly change the color of the wood. This is especially suitable for people who want to see the grain.


You reach a noticeable, but slight discoloration. Also in this case, the natural character will be present and noticeable. This is especially suitable for beginners.

Semi transparent

You can still see the wood grain, but you will also experience a more beautiful pigmentation. If the terrace is older, this will contribute to more consistency. The duration is also great - from 3 to 5 years.


redesign terrace redesign terrace floorings paint solid color ideas

You completely hide the wood grain. If your patio shows stains or other aging issues, then this is the right choice for you! It will cover many disadvantages and will provide better UV protection.

When do you start with the color scheme of the terrace?

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