Rooftop design – your green oasis in the outdoor area

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Creating a roof terrace – what are the trends in terrace design?

Do you need fresh ideas for terrace design? We have summarized 30 of the most interesting pictures on the subject and would like to introduce them to you. The current trend, which can not be overlooked, is the green roof of the roof terrace.

Would you also like an eco-friendly, cozy and stylish Framing the roof terrace? Then take a look at our picture gallery and plan your new summer project in detail!

Rooftop greening – sustainable design is in line with the trend

Roof terrace roof roofing balcony plants wooden platform concrete tiles

A beautiful green oasis in the middle of the city – Designer Secret Gardens
Roof terrace design roof turf lawn wood furniture bench dining table with chairs concrete slabs
Overlooking the impressive skyscrapers
rooftop roof design lawn wooden bench city view

What is missing in most metropolises? The answer is clear – nature and fresh air first of all. In this regard, the architects are increasingly striving for a sustainable and green design. Lawns, bushes, plants and lots of flowers can be placed on the balcony or on the terrace. Follow this trend and your outdoor space will be designed by the hand of a professional landscape architect.
Terrace furniture and accessories
roof terrace design glazing living area living room furniture town center apartment
You want a modern and cozy roof terrace, then you value the furniture. Stick to the password: “sustainable”. Furniture made of rattan or wood is perfectly integrated into the atmosphere. Also, consider a wood flooring. This will give your terrace a warm and noble touch.
Wood – the most popular natural material
roof garden shape balcony planting protection wooden bench
Exceptional shade dispensers and planters at the same time
roof design shape balcony decorate balcony plants succulents flower box
The next picture is a prime example of a modern roof terrace design. The style is simple and manimalistic. The relaxation factor is clearly noticeable. But you are in the middle of the big city, which automatically connects with hectic and stress. This is the charm of a roof terrace and the art of making it functional.
Black attracts the sun’s rays – ideal for sunbathing
minimalist modern roof terrace in the middle of the city
A sunbed on the lawn – you do not need a country house for that
city ​​apartment roof garden shape hedge privacy sun deck lawn
In addition to the keyword “sustainable”, you should also consider the comfort aspect. What is important if yours Framing the roof terrace? The coziness is of course the most important. Create an outdoor living space that suits your own needs and those of your family. The eco-friendly design is another bonus that will not only please you but also nature.
Home theater on the terrace
roof design ideas wood decking screen home cinema dining room
Terrace roof made of bamboo
rooftop terrace terrace roof from bamboo view and sunshade
A modern terrace design can look so simple and manimalistic
roof terrace frame patio enclosure from bamboo coffee table made of wood
Space-saving garden furniture is perfect for the small balcony
roof terrace decorate balcony decorate coffee table folding chairs balcony furniture
Rattan furniture in fresh yellow
roof design shape balcony decorate parasol rattan armchair in yellow
These oversized balcony plants can also serve as terrace sight protection
roof garden design balcony plants containers rattan furniture stool floor tiles
Luscious summer evenings on the terrace – that would not be possible without a clever outdoor lighting
Roof terrace design lighting on the balcony planting protection of pebbles
Framing the dining room on the terrace
Roof terrace design ideas wooden table bench chairs climbing plants balcony
Or how about a herb garden on the balcony? This is more than a practical and healthy idea
roof terrace decorate herb garden on the balcony decorate
Barbecuing on the terrace under the shade of a tree – that is also feasible!
Roof terrace design sliding doors made of glass terrace boards
Provide a lively sun and privacy
roof terrace design wood terraces floorboards living fence balcony plants
Rustic furnished with city views
roof design ideas balcony planting protection hedge alive fence
The other side of the big city
townhouse roof garden shape roof greening balcony plants
Natural lawn carpet on the terrace
townhouse roof garden shape roof garden lawn balcony plants
Especially in the metropolises such green oases of well-being are of great importance
townhouse roof terrace design ideas wood floor decking balcony plants
Roof terrace completely made of wood – in addition charming accents made of rattan
roof terrace design ideas wood decking rattan furniture dining area
Lay a wooden terrace
city ​​apartment roof terrace design ideas wooden floor embarrass dining area living area
Do not forget the color accents
terrace design ideas balcony plants wooden floor screen
Dining table with practical space-saving stools in orange
roof terrace design color accents in orange balcony furniture hedge balcony plants
Design your roof terrace with a room planner
Roof terrace design with a room planner
Visualize your dream terrace and step by step you could realize your idea. We hope we have helped to make your roof terrace cozy and modern. We wish you a lot of fun and good luck!