Make hanging planters yourself – a DIY project for your garden

Do you fancy some great ideas for hanging planters today? You are exactly right for this season, right? This easy-to-design idea celebrates the clean lines and affordable design. With the right accessories you can also create different projects. You can plant them in groups to make a bigger impression.

Read more about the design details here.

I try to assist you in the realization of this project by describing the necessary accessories and the different stages of realization. In advance, however, it should be emphasized that you have to work best with small, very light pots. This could be an aqua selection.

Modern hanging DIY planter

gardening planters planters with succulents in the garden

These flower pots are only medium in size and so they are easy to photograph. However, I recommend small pots for maximum stamina.

Do not forget that succulents are perfect for DIY hanging flower containers. Not only are they easy to care for, they also shine in such a vessel!

Hanging flowerpots on the balcony or in the garden

hanging garden planters gardening diy project

Accessories for DIY hanging planters

You will need that when you start the project:

- Air-easy flower container

- Drilling machine

- Durable cord (I have used parachute cord)

- Metal shower curtain rings

- hot glue gun

Useful materials for the DIY project

hanging planters make diy project materials yourself

When choosing the appropriate green plants, consider also the shade of the plant container you will use. I love the look of the succulents in different shades next to the green pot.

Succulents in colored flowerpot

hanging planters make diy project succulents yourself

As the planter will also hang over your heads, more suitable will be those that are conspicuous and provide more height and volume. So you will be visible from the ground from your point of view.

Stages of realization of this plant project

hanging planters landscaping succulents flower pots

  1. Drill a hole on both sides of the plant container

hanging planters Bastelidden DIY project

I will be completely honest with you. The olive plant container was a bit hard to treat? Make sure the flowerpot you are looking for is not too thick. Light metal would be a very good choice. Alternatively, one can decide to also not very heavy wood or plastic. If the flowerpot slips easily, you should drill very carefully. It would not be a bad idea to clamp the flowerpot where it is attached. Then you can also drill to provide more security.

Maybe it would be better to wear goggles as well.

  1. Cut the cord to the desired length and pull the two ends through the holes of the plant container. So you form a long loop like in the picture below

hanging planters make succulents themselves

Knot the string several times to make it extra secure. If you then pull them to the inside of the plant container, then extra material will remain. So you could make a loop and then you should tighten it. So you can tie a knot for more security.

  1. When you finish with the knot on one side, you should start with the other one

garden planters hanging diy project

Do not worry if there are differences. You will find a way to correct the length if you have to hang the pot.

  1. Cut off the excess part of the string and then smear the ends with the glue. Gently push it against the knot so that they stay in place

garden ideas planters for hanging diy project flower tub

Be careful when working with hot glue. If you do not know the temperature exactly, take no risks. If you need to attach the cord to the right place, you can still use a pair of tweezers.

  1. Now you can wrap the ends of long, looped cords around a metal bangle. Then close the ring

hanging planters diy project work steps

The shower curtain ring brings everything together and serves as a sling for the process of hanging. If one side of the plant container is longer than the other, wrap it around the shower stall ring. So you can catch the loose ends.

  1. Time to plant

kraetive gardening ideas to make your own planters hang diy project

Add potting soil to the flower pot and position the plants in the desired manner.

Modern hanging planters

I will finish today's article with a series of tips that will make the project smoother. You should start by placing stones and crystals in larger quantities.

Tips and Tricks

kraetive garden ideas to hang yourself plant pots hang

This project works best with small flowerpots. Do you have safety concerns? If so, then you should consider a third hole and another string pulled over to secure the whole thing. Attach the string and then assemble all three cords to a metal shower stall ring.

Concerns about safety

hanging planters gardening ideas diy project

Of course, you should pull through with the larger plants firmer wires. The olive plant can not only benefit from the third hole. You could also use a metal chain in this case.

metal chain

garden ideas hanging planters diy ideas garden

Depending on where you hang the top of the flower container, you may not be able to see the plant from the most favorable point of view. Add a shower stall ring to the surface and then it will turn in another direction. So you will be able to see this at its best. An additional ring can be a successful method by which the flower pot will hang lower.

metal rings

gardening planters hanging with rings diy project

I think the use of flowerpots in two colors is great. Together they form a great composition against the wall behind. So why not put them in front of the area that separates you from the neighbors?

Flowerpots in two colors

hanging garden planter diy project

In addition to this beige Aqua represents a great addition.

Here we see a plant container hanging from the wooden grid

garden planters hanging craft ideas in the garden

These flower pots not only create a modern, organic look in your outdoor area. From these you can make great gifts for parties and other special events, such as Mother's Day.

DIY gift ideas

kraetive garden ideas to hang yourself plant pots hang

Hopefully you enjoyed today's article. Do you have any ideas for great DIY garden design that does not cost much?

hanging planters make your own gardening ideas diy project

hanging planters landscaping diy project