Hammock Balcony and other interior design ideas – 15 examples of how to create a little paradise

Ideas on how to integrate a hammock balcony and other interior solutions into the balcony design

With the arrival of the summer, the question of how to design the outdoor area becomes more important. When it comes to the garden or the balcony, their renovation or completely new furnishings are the main task for many people. If you are looking for fresh interior design ideas, we will give you one right away: Include a hammock, a hanging chair, matching balcony plants or colored accents in its design and create an unforgettable ambience.

Hammock balcony also fits nicely on small balcony

hammock balcony small balcony furnishing ideas

Hangemate balcony or hanging chair? Both are a modern and cozy solution for the outdoors

balcony design hanging chair outdoor area design

Hammocks are not only in the garden. The balcony design could also benefit from this modern piece of furniture. On the balcony you design your own oasis of relaxation. Whether it's small or spacious enough to put any interior design ideas into practice, the balcony turns out to be an appropriate place to turn into your privacy for the summer. Having a hammock on the balcony makes this a dream place.

Relax on the balcony after a long day at work

hammock balcony hanging chair hanging throw pillow side table plant

Make yourself comfortable!

hammock balcony recreation summer home decor

A balcony with a hammock is certainly described as comfortable, modern and attractive. The balcony can successfully replace the garden or the bedroom as a recreation room. In summer this is even preferable as a relaxation corner. Create only comfortable balcony furniture and adjust it according to its sizes. The traditional armchair could be a hanging chair or a Hammock balcony replace. As a result, you not only ensure a lively balcony look, but also more comfort.

Spice up the little balcony with fresh colors

small balcony shape colored pattern flowers

Hammock and floor cushions provide comfort on the balcony

hammock balcony carpet throw pillow small balcony

Set up the balcony in harmony with the summer

Small balcony shape rustic elements

Many interiors have a hammock. That makes them really extraordinary and original. But if you have no room in the living room for such an interior solution, you could hang the hammock out on the balcony. There you feel even better in this lying and enjoying the weather. Because the balcony symbolizes the connection between inside and outside, it is perfect as an extra space if you just want to relax there.

Fresh air, comfort and peace - what else do you need?

hammock balcony outdoor area fashion armchair

What do you think a hammock would inscribe into your balcony design?

In the shade in summer ...

hammock balcony hanging walkway slabs

Divide the balcony into areas

balcony design areas separate outdoor kitchen

Rattan hanging chair hanging on the balcony

balcony design hanging chair orange seat cushion rattan furniture

Folding furniture makes the balcony functional and comfortable

small balcony shape throw pillow plants

Wooden furniture and plants are a good combination for the balcony

small balcony shape folding balcony furniture plant wooden floor

Decorate with stylish furniture and decorate with plants

small balcony design wall decoration plant modern balcony furniture

Colored balcony design makes the mood cheerful

Small balcony carpet carpet recreation area