Terrace Vision Protection – Ideas, Images and 20 Inspirational Examples

privacy protection patio white metal construction plant patio furniture

The terrace sight protection prevents annoying and prying eyes

You have flipped through the ideas for terrace design and have already devised a plan for it? So far so good ... But maybe you miss something. Yes, we have forgotten suggestions and ideas for Terrace privacy to give. So we write an article specifically about the privacy on the terrace.

Why is that Terrace privacy of such importance?

The privacy screen is often used as wind and sun protection at the same time. It protects us from unwanted and prying eyes and lets us feel safe and comfortable in our spatial privacy. That's enough? But we could also mention its aesthetic function.

What does a privacy screen look like?

We have 20 examples for you Terrace privacy ready, which we have divided into 4 groups - living screen from (evergreen) plants, wood screen, Terrace privacy made of bamboo and the last group shows other different possibilities. Take a look at them in peace and decide which of them best suits your planned terrace design. The bamboo screen, for example, perfectly complements a terrace designed in Asian style. And of course the wooden privacy screen is part of a wooden terrace. That's right, but there are many other combinations and options available. That's up to your imagination and creativity. Now take a look at the inspiring pictures below.

Terrace sight protection made of cacti

terrace privacy vivid airy cactus dining table chairs

 The lively privacy of plants makes your patio look green and vibrant

terrace sight protection wooden veranda evergreen plants as a sight

Hidden under the oversized plants

Privacy protection for terrace lush planting wooden planks lying

Evergreen trees as a fence on the terrace

Vivid sight protection for terrace planting

 Climbers are a natural screen and shade dispenser

shade dispensers terrace sight protection sunshade ideas plants rattan garden furniture

A wooden terrace planted lush

privacy protection terrace terrace roofing wood flooring plants

Vertical garden on the terrace

living screen protection patio wicker furniture wooden terrace

Terrace sight protection made of wood

Privacy protection terrace made of wood plants wood flooring furniture

Decking as privacy screen

terrace sight protection wood flooring terrace wood high

Lay wooden terrace and build wood screen

terrace sight protection wooden terrace deck planting terrace wood

A terrace completely made of wood

terrace sight protection wooden floor terraced wood plants

Cozy privacy behind the walls of the terrace sight protection

terrace sight protection wooden floorboards terrace wood sunshade parasol

Concrete slabs and wooden floorboards in contrast

terrace sight protection climbing plants fence wooden terrace concrete slab

 Privacy protection for bamboo terrace

privacy protection terrace made of bamboo wood terrace sitting area

 A terrace made only of natural materials - wood, rattan and bamboo

Privacy protection terra-casses bamboo wood tiles lay rattan furniture

 Bamboo as a plant species and bamboo as a material for privacy

bamboo patio decking terrace decking seating corner

 Other variants on show

terrace sight protection ideas with plants rattan garden furniture

 An airy privacy shield construction and an awning for sun protection

terrace wood terrace panoramic view airy construction wooden floor

Nice and practical

terrace sight protection screen wood alive fence plants