Sunscreen Terrace – Do not underestimate the heat!

Sunshade terrace sun sail triangle

Sun protection terrace for enjoyable summer afternoons

We all know how important sunscreen is, especially in the hot summer months. And as science develops ever more sophisticated means of protecting the skin from the sun, we suggest something simpler, which also has the function of protecting you and your family from the glaring sunshine in the garden or on the patio.

The first suggestion is trivial and works pretty well, that’s the umbrella we all know.

The parasol is the simplest and most flexible solution for your yard or garden

Sun protection terrace sunshade


A well-positioned parasol provides a shady place to relax on your balcony, veranda, roof terrace or in the garden. Whether you want to take a break from gardening or simply enjoy your heavenly backyard, the parasol provides the necessary protection from the heat load. Even though it is minimal, the temperatures are also lower in its shadow, which of course favors your recovery. There is an incredibly large variety of umbrellas on the market. The size or the color should not be a problem either.

Different models awnings and awnings give the front garden or terrace a unique atmosphere

Sunshade patio canopy awning

The awning protects you from the sun and lets you feel the pleasant wind

Sun protection terrace sails


The south side of your apartment can do that very well. A fixed awning brings the desired cooling in your living area, both outdoors and indoors. Thanks to its wide shade, the awning ensures a large-scale shadow, which means that even the nearby rooms get some cooling off. The convenience of the awning is its stability and flexibility. In bad weather you pull them together, in the sunshine you can stretch them very easily.

To attach an awning can look very elegant

Sunshade patio awning16

With an awning you can feel like on a ship

Sunshade terrace sun sailcanopy

If you do not want to mount awnings, there is the mobile version, which creates a wonderful summer mood – the awning. It is available in all colors of the rainbow and it is really easy to transport. A canopy made of colorful glass bricks would also be a very original idea.

With the blue and white marine look, you bring the sea feeling to your terrace

Sun protection terrace sun sail black white

Airy fabrics in bright colors can improve your stay in the garden and also beautify

Sun protection terrace sun sunlit fabricCovered and lightweight constructions bring cooling and relaxation into your everyday life

Sunshade patio canopy plastic

Sun protection by plants

Protecting yourself from the sun through a natural planting requires some long-term planning. With the help of a gardener you can predetermine natural sunscreen terraces. Especially suitable is the idea for the garden, the backyard or for a spacious roof terrace.

You can also act individually and master your own sunscreen

Sunshade patio canopy window

Fig or walnut trees are a natural and very pleasant sunscreen

Sunshade patio canopy awning of natural shade