Make flowers yourself – 55 ideas for children and adults who like to make things

Making flowers yourself - flowers made of paper and plastic have a unique charm

Flowers are the perfect decoration for every occasion. On the dining table, in the living room or in the hallway, flowers bring a unique sense of closeness to nature. Flowers are a universal decoration that carries a special charge and transfers it to the room. Unfortunately, fresh flowers wilt after a while and you miss their beauty. To avoid this unpleasant feeling, you also make flowers yourself. Paper, plastics, textiles and felt are perfect for these crafting ideas. Crafting helps you to find out a hidden talent. If you do it regularly, the crafting turns into hobby. If crafting is your favorite pastime, then draw inspiration in the following lines ...

Make flowers yourself and make a charming decoration at home

creative crafts flowers themselves making paper roses

Many of the DIY ideas are about recycling ideas. Unusable items are not always the same as garbage. Paper and fabrics that you no longer need, could easily turn into great flowers. So, do not just throw something away that you are not using right now! Later, something beautiful could come out of it: flowers for the deco vase, a floral garland or a door wreath.

Walls and front door could look a lot nicer ...

Make flowers yourself from plastic

DIY flowers DIY ideas

Beautiful floral wreath of paper

decorate flowers yourself, decorate flower wreath door

Make flower garland for the birthday party

making flowers yourself garland flowers

Felt produces excellent flowers

make flowers yourself felt decoration ideas

The flowers made of paper and fabric have another great advantage: you do not need to take care of them. Nevertheless, they look so authentic, just like the real flowers. The detailed instructions on the Internet make it possible to make flowers to the smallest detail. If you have a hectic everyday life, but want to enjoy the charm of a flower decoration, then do it yourself. Take some time and you will undoubtedly spend a few pleasant hours in creative work.

Create a whole bunch of flowers

creative crafts paper flowers diy decoration ideas

Make fancy huge chrysanthemums yourself

creative crafts diy chrysanthemums flowers tinker

Elegant decoration for the living room

creative crafting paper flowers yourself tinker

How do you make a flower of paper?

Lay a rectangle of paper horizontally and fold the bottom edge to the top. Open the rectangle again and fold a corner so that it reaches the center line. Do the same with the other corners. Then fold the lower edge to the center line and then the upper one. Flip the two over each other. You should repeat this with 3 rectangles and put them in a row. Then take a flower wire and turn it in the middle. Then slip the wire over the folded strips. Turn the wire under the paper. Then open the petals one after the other. Carefully do this by putting your thumb in and pressing it with your index finger from below.

Instructions in pictures

make flowers yourself napkin red

Another idea how to make flowers from paper yourself

creative crafts rose flowers crafts valentines day ideas

The most important thing about flower making is that they look realistic. If you are satisfied with the result, you could also transform the flowers you have made yourself into a beautiful bouquet of flowers and give them away. Who does not like flowers ...?

Frame accent wall in the bedroom

Make your own flowers in your bedroom

Very stylish and unique

Creative crafts flowers themselves make crepe paper

To the smallest detail

creative tinker purple orchids diy flowers ideas

Napkins are also great for DIY projects

make your own flowers napkins diy

So sexy and creative!

make flowers yourself fabric flower vase

Make flowers for the headdress

make your own flowers fabric colored diy

Original DIY idea with paper

make your own flowers DIY decoration ideas

The parts…

creative crafts flowers tinker purple daisies

…And the result

creative tinker gänsebümchen tinker purple

Make colored flowers yourself

creative crafting paper flowers crafts deco ideas

White paper wreath

make flowers yourself white flower wreath

Flowers for a feminine and romantic home decoration

creative crafts flowers crepe paper colored

Flower made of crepe paper

creative crafts flowers crepe paper purple deco ideas

So authentic ...

creative crafts flowers paper diy

Make colored flowers out of paper

creative crafts make flowers yourself diy

DIY jewelry for the wall

creative crafts make flowers themselves napkins

Creative craft idea

creative tinker flower orange creative crafting ideas

Beautiful flowers made of napkins could decorate the home

creative crafts crepe paper flowers

Gerberas in warm shades

creative crafts diy flowers fresh decoration ideas

Make for a dynamic wall design

creative crafts diy ideas flowers

Flower of paper rolls? Why not?!

creative crafts paper rolls yellow flower

Creative DIY project for a stylish wall decoration

creative crafting giant flowers diy


creative crafts napkin flower diy

creative tinkering peony making yourself


creative crafting rose himself tinker paper


make creative flowers yourself make paper


creative crafting flowers yourself crafting colored diy ideas


Creative craft DIY flowers plastic bottles

Make creative dahlia yourself make purple diy decor

creative crafting flowers make paper colored funny diy ideas

make flowers yourself flower vase orange flowers

make flowers yourself napkins diy decoration ideas

make your own flowers accessories diy ideas

make flowers yourself deco ideas garden ideas felt flowers

make your own flowers diy deco ideas gift ideas felt

make your own felted flowers cupcakes

make flowers yourself felt flowers diy

make flowers yourself felted roses diy

make flowers yourself creative diy ideas

make your own flowers stylish deco ideas

make your own flowers fabric unusual deco ideas

make your own flowers Türkranz Dekkoideen outdoor area

Creative craft diy flowers napkins

creative craft diy flower table decoration ideas

creative crafts flowers DIY