45 Fireplace Decoration Ideas: This is how you can creatively decorate the mantelpiece

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Examples and tips on how to create the decoration for your fireplace


Would you like to turn your fireplace into the focal point in the room? You can solve this demanding task relatively easily if you have a variety of successful examples in mind.

Fireplace decoration ideas

Mantel Decorating Ideas Modern living room design

Shapes in layers - a universal solution

Do you want a well-functioning and universal solution? Then strive to design yours Fireplace decoration multi-layered appearance. Consider the application of contrasting colors.

Decoration ideas for fireplace

Home Decor Living Room Fireplace Decorative colored wall murals

A material that allows ample color design

Fireplaces in bold colors look very original. Opt for a fireplace coat in matching materials and colors, which makes the shading in different nuances possible.

Decorate the mantelpiece creatively

Interior design ideas living room wall design pictures fireplace decoration Dekoartikel

Combination of vintage and modern

The fireplace is a symbol of the successful combination of modernity and tradition. The hearth has been the most important place in our homes for many millennia. But we have integrated the fireplace in various forms into our ambience during the different eras. The current fireplace designs are an example of this.

In this context, the mix of vintage and modern elements in the decoration of the fireplace has always been very successful.

Vintage decoration with old books and houseplants

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Wow effect in rural style

Imagine a modern fireplace in rustic, antique wood paneling. If this does not provide a WOW effect in the room! Such Fireplace decoration would enroll in different interior styles. It goes well with rustic, but also to modern minimalist premises.

Living room wall design ideas

Home Decor Living Room Wall Decoration Fireplace Decoration Ideas

Corresponding to other furnishing elements in the room

The correspondence of the Fireplace decoration with other furnishing elements in the room is another very modern strategy. This ensures consistency. Furthermore, the warmth of the fireplace spreads evenly in the ambience through this design. At the same time, the fireplace is the focal point in the room when the fire is burning.

Living room color scheme in green and blue tones

Home Decor Living Room Wall Decoration Fireplace Decoration

Art design

The type of design of the fireplace would be particularly appropriate in different contexts. It can look good in retro and antique spaces. Furthermore, a kind of fireplace can be wonderfully integrated into many luxurious designs.

Decorate your mantel with flowering houseplants and animal figures

Home Decor Living Room Wall Decoration Mantel Decoration

Convertible fireplace decoration

The Fireplace decoration is something that you can and should playfully deal with. For example, You can arrange and sometimes exchange the items displayed on the mantelpiece.

Gold accents on the wooden mantelpiece

Furnishing ideas living room rustic wall design fireplace decoration

Furthermore, depending on the material, you can repaint the fireplace after a certain amount of time and thus achieve a completely new effect.

Green decorative glass vases

Furnishing ideas Living room Wall paint Green Fireplace deco

Noble Silver Fireplace Decoration

Room Decorations Living Room Wall Decoration Fireplace Deco

Integration into other functional units

The fireplace should only be integrated into the room if it is wide enough. In a medium sized ambience it is already critical. For these cases, we recommend the following: Integrate the fireplace in other functional units so that the most ergonomic result possible. With appropriate decoration, you can also apply it under these circumstances as a hub in the ambience.

TV wall and fireplace combine

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The Kamindeko as part of a monochrome concept

Fireplace mantle and decoration are wonderfully memorable in a monochrome ambience. Due to the special frames and the fire they will always attract the attention. The examples in white and black are most effective. And which are your favorites?

Complete in white

Einrichtungsideen Wohnzimmer Wandgestaltung Wandspiegel Kamin Deko

The Fireplace decoration can, as the examples show, be very different. It adapts easily to different styles. There is certainly more to your room than a variation on how to turn your fireplace into a hub.

Classic wood fireplace decoration

Furnishing ideas living room fireplace decoration examples

Sophisticated elegance in gray and white

Mantel Decoration Ideas Living Room Wall Decoration Gray

Give your living room a rustic touch

Mantelpiece ideas Ideas Furnishing ideas Living room Country style

Enjoy cozy moments in front of the fireplace

Mantelpiece deco furnishing examples living room

Make fake fireplace yourself and ornate artfully

Decoration Ideas Fireplace Furnishing ideas Living room

Corner fireplace in the small living room

Mantelpiece Ideas Ideas Corner fireplace Furnishing ideas Living room

Stone fireplace decorate - works of art in neutral colors

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