Modern wooden wall decoration in a rustic style

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The role of wooden wall decoration in a modern country house


Happy are the people who could spend only a few days a year somewhere in the countryside. But why do not you transfer this idyll home and there for your cozy everyday life? Wall decoration made of wood is becoming more modern.

It is an ecological solution and at the same time a material of great endurance. Good insulation is also guaranteed.

Wall design ideas of wood

Wall decoration made of wood wall decoration ideas with driftwood color

The rural romance is modern. It can also be integrated into the city, especially if you live somewhere in the suburbs.

But let us see how you make a cross-border element of the wooden wall decor? You can create a true nature oasis in your home through walls, ceilings, floors of these materials. It will be both romantic and noble! Dare us!

Ornate DIY projects

Wooden wall deco wooden pallets paint artistic solution

To achieve a natural character

If you want to reach a rural atmosphere, then the wall decoration made of wood and even the whole execution of this material is not enough to be convincing. They would have to keep everything simple and natural. That has to be done in detail.

 Natural-looking wall decoration

Wooden wall decoration DIY wall decor wooden pallets paint artistic solution

Make wooden wall decoration yourself

Wooden wall decoration diy wall decorations wooden palette vase room flowers

Wallpainting ideas from nature

If you would not consistently choose wood wall decoration, then it would have to be a central element. It is very important that everything else is in harmony with it. One of the safest ways to achieve this is to make the walls look natural. Even with the small details, the natural colors should predominate.

Bright, modern colors should serve as accents.

Wall design with driftwood

Wooden wall decoration. Wall decoration ideas with driftwood

Furniture made of natural wood

Wonderful rural vibe would be achieved by selecting furniture made of these materials in addition to the wooden wall decor. Rough or painted surfaces are an equally good decision.

Mirror with natural wood frame

Wall decoration wooden corridor wall design mirror wooden frame

Furthermore, it would also look leather furniture. It is also best to enroll in the natural nuances of the overall ambience. To achieve a more natural mood, they can be in places made of artificial leather, even seem a little worn.

Corner shelf made of solid wood

Wall deco wooden corner shelf wood wall shelf living room

The accessories

For the wall decoration made of wood itself, but also for the creation of a corresponding ambient, the accents in a house are of fundamental importance. They provide a very comfortable and warm appearance. They could correspond with the theme forest, nature, life and thus be completely consistent.

Make DIY corridor furniture out of wooden boxes

Wall decoration wooden corridor furniture wooden boxes diy project

Kitchen wall shelf

Wall decoration wooden original wall shelf kitchen shelf

 Thematic wall decoration in the kitchen

Wall decoration wooden original wall decoration ideas wall design kitchen

Water elements and modern furnishings

Certainly a house in natural style does not exclude the modern furnishings in the bathroom and spa area. But on the contrary. Where, if not in such a house would you be able to find complete relaxation? In these rooms, you should also consider wood wall decoration. However, consider special surfaces and paints that protect against moisture.

Wood in the bathroom

Wooden wall decoration rustic bathroom wooden beams

Practical base unit with decorative function

Wall deco of wood bathroom furniture cabinet wood

Lighting and open living plans

The idea of ​​the Naturhaus can be combined incredibly well with the idea of ​​the open plan of living. All the rules of modern kitchens and living areas could be used. The main thing is, the materials have been made of wood or in the appropriate nuances.

TV wall unit made of wood

  Wall decoration wooden tv wall flat TV

 Wooden bed headboard

Wooden wall decoration bedroom ideas bed headboard wood

Elegant wallcovering made of wood

     Wooden wall decoration wall paneling wood dining room

 Open wall shelf, matching the wooden floor

Wall decoration of wooden living room wooden shelf

 Retro wooden furniture

Wall decoration wooden living room furniture wood

 Stair railing made entirely of wood

Wall decoration wooden living room furniture staircase wooden railing

 Pressure on wood

Wooden wall decor living room wall design print on wood