Window decoration for the kitchen – 26 windowsill decoration ideas

Window decoration ideas for the kitchen


The window is one of the elements in the kitchen design that attracts the most attention. Therefore, it would be a big mistake not to look at the window decoration with sufficient attention. Even if you have a limited budget, you can do many things nicely. The following tips will help you.

26 windowsill decoration ideas

Window decoration ideas kitchen houseplants cacti green kitchen ideas

DIY windowsill decoration

If you have an existing kitchen, you should look at it first. What role does the windowsill play there? Is it used as a temporary storage area? Does it look aesthetically pleasing or not? Is there a lack of space for an important function in kitchen design?

Can the latter be best taken through the windowsill?

All these questions are important for you to be able to choose the most suitable among the proposals for windowsill decoration.

How to decorate the kitchen window - photo examples

Window decoration Ideas Curtain ideas Kitchen Houseplants

Selection of windowsill decoration in line with your style

In the first part of our overview of great windowsill Dekoideen we have already shown some practical tips. Now we continue with the different furnishing styles and the decoration of the windowsill. Let's start with the classic. The sill is a very important part of traditional kitchen design. Here you have to decide for an elaborate and eye-catching decoration. Classic decoration also includes homemade objects and plants. They have an aesthetic value. Regarding the functions, you can use the windowsill as a storage area for spices and other fresh products.

Chic kitchen curtains and potted plants in combination

Window decoration Ideas Kitchen Green plants Potted plants Curtain

Practical window decoration

Window decoration ideas kitchen herbal gardens natural light

Small but very modern apartments

The modern way of living is very often combined with small apartments. In these, the kitchen has to be multifunctional, and the windowsill, in contrast to the classic style, should bring many practical advantages. It can be used as a work surface, where you can install a sink or use it as a seat. Which of these functions the window sill can fulfill depends of course on its position and height.

It is important that in all these cases the aesthetic function fades into the background. Although the windowsill has a practical function, it can certainly serve as an accent in kitchen design.

Funny sayings and cut flowers enliven the kitchen window

Window decoration ideas kitchen cut flowers deco window screen

Select matching textiles

Window decoration Ideas Kitchen Indoor Plants Blue Faltrollo

Rural style

The rural style, despite all modern design trends is still very important. In this, the design of the windowsill with flower pots and other natural eye-catching plays a very important role. Opt for spices that you can use directly in your food. This is how the pairing of functions and aesthetics is understood.

Vintage flair

Window decoration ideas kitchen houseplants schabby chic style

Get inspiration from exotic styles

Do you have a fondness for exotic design trends in design? You will find very good ideas for the way the windowsill works and is aesthetically furnished. Maybe they will exactly meet your needs?

Insert beautiful gifts as window decoration

Window decoration Ideas Kitchen houseplants Deco bowls colorful fringesWindow decoration ideas kitchen curtains and indoor plants

Some universal ideas

Regardless of style and size of the kitchen, there are some ideas for the window sill deco and their repurpose, which always look good and are welcome. Here you are at a glance:

- You can install a small table here. He can serve occasional meals or you can use him and work on it, while at the same time you have to prepare something in the kitchen.

- As a window sill decoration can also serve some useful items, which are anyway in the kitchen and you need again and again. These are certain pieces of cookware, spoons, with which you stir the soup or some coffee cups for guests and special moments.

- If the sill is low and wide enough, you can also set up a seating niche there. There you can read something or just relax while drinking coffee or waiting for your meal.

Decorating window film

Window decoration ideas kitchen houseplants bright white clean

Get creative

The window sill decoration ideas presented here are the most used. They serve most homeowners both in terms of aesthetics and function very well. You can do this in several different ways. Take the chance and do it! You can mix and match colors, shapes and all kinds of details.

Sometimes interesting results are achieved in this creative game that you have hardly imagined in advance.

Finally, we would like to remind you why the windowsill decoration is so important. It provides comfort and this is fundamental to our good health. Comfortably, the kitchen does not have to be just for you. Your guests and all family members should also find the atmosphere here particularly pleasant. The kitchen is also the heart of the family in the modern house. So it has an ever-increasing importance in the stressful and dynamic everyday life, in which unfortunately we remain more and more lonely.

A beautiful orchid is itself a chic decoration 

Window decoration ideas kitchen houseplants white orchid decoupage

Glass deco vases

Window decoration ideas kitchen decoration vases houseplants

Glass bottles - window decoration in industrial style

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