Origami lampshade – instructions for hobbyists

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Make your light body in style

We love the graphic look and the simplicity that comes with it Origami lampshade radiates. More and more people like to make things, which is why DIY projects are becoming extremely popular and popular. There are many lampshades to find in the net - each new is more beautiful and attractive.

Today we want to tell you one of these crafting ideas.

Sometimes the DIY Origami seems to be more painstaking than funnier. For the beginners, the whole process seems a bit sneering. But if you follow our simple lead steps, you can successfully complete your project. Use the existing paper, but make sure it is denser and will keep the tinkered shape. In our example we used green and brown color. The paper sheets are in A4-Format and we have stuck these. This is the best option, but you can still have paper sheets in it A3 Format or bigger. I made two different variants of the origami lampshade - blue, brown, gray colors can be seen here. For the two lampshades you need 20 minutes, which is not really long. First, try designing the folded patterns to capture the meaning.

Origami lampshade

Origami lampshade instructions original

Blue and brown

Fold the paper in three different directions. First the black lines, then the red ones and finally - the blue ones

Scheme of wrinkles

Origami Lampshade Instructions schema

Brown paper

Lampshade instructions fold origami

Interesting chandelier made of paper

Lampshade instructions brown blue origami

In green

Make the whole shape longer than this one in the first version.

 Scheme of wrinkles - second variant

Lampshade instructions help Origami

Seen from above

Lampshade instructions brown green origami

To keep the structure firm and stable, sew the lampshade up. And that's all - very simple and effortless.

       Beautiful green

Green Paper Origami Lampshade Instructions Nice

Round shapes

origami lampshades ideas DIY DIY

State of the art and monochromatic

lampshades ideas DIY office

Gray surface

origami lampshades ideas DIY angular warm ambience

Big ball in bright colors

origami lampshades ideas DIY effect ball

Wall colors and lines in yellow

origami lampshades ideas DIY geometric

olive green

origami lampshades ideas DIY green

Snow-white lampshade

origami lampshades ideas DIY hanging lamp

Industrially furnished dining room

lampshades ideas DIY industrial

floor lamp

origami lampshades ideas DIY light

Hanging and wall lamps again in origami style

lampshades ideas DIY pink green

On the shelves as decoration

origami lampshades ideas DIY beautiful

Elegant sitting area in purple

lampshades ideas DIY sofaDecorative lampshades on wine glasses

lampshades ideas DIY table lamps

White origami ball

origami lampshades ideas DIY white ball