Cozy bedroom in the basement

Bedroom in the basement set up great ergonomic

Design ideas for bedroom in the basement

We all know this feeling: you look at the apartment and hope for a bit more space, so you can organize the whole thing a bit better. If you can extend the apartment by one room, then the better.

Space is becoming an ever greater rarity in the modern world.

One feels thankful for every square meter that one has additionally available. If you use the cellar, then you could also expand your space. You will not have to spend a lot of money.

Bedrooms in the basement will not only create extra space, but you will be able to create a quiet, comfortable retreat home.

All you need is good planning and a bit of creativity. Many homeowners are actually unaware of the potential of their basement. The darkness, humidity and coolness are repulsive to everyone. But for those who need an extra room to sleep or for the guests, such a room has a very high value.

Here are a few basic principles that will help you make such a transformation in an intelligent way.

Demarcate the moisture

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The most important rule for converting from the basement to a beautiful bedroom is to provide proper insulation. From many perspectives, it depends on their good execution, whether you will feel good in it or not. If done badly, it will be uncomfortable for you regardless of the season.

Adding some modern panels is a very good idea. You should definitely consider wood. With this you will feel comfortable even in the dead of winter. The noise is kept to a minimum.

The right style for your basement room

Bedroom in the basement furnish soft home furnishings

This probably sounds a bit overkill in relation to a basement. But there are many benefits to choosing the right style in front of the equipment. The walls must be painted or topcoated. You can save a lot if you deliberately expose some items.

Here and there this may be an odd tube and maybe an accent concrete wall. These can be combined with the right hanging lamps. By doing so, one can easily achieve an industrial or rural mood.

Are you planning bedrooms for a few children? What do you think of a loft bed in a rural style? Or maybe you prefer the cabin look? Most homeowners prefer the serene and beautiful bathroom, which seem clean and finished.

More visible area

Bedroom set up in the basement dresser table lamp covers

Sometimes you have enough space. You can then integrate many rooms. So you can make next to the bedroom and a small bathroom and a small entertainment room. In addition to all extras, you should also create as much visible space as possible. The perception is a funny thing. The right design makes even the smallest room look airy and elegant. There are many little tricks that you can put into action. Think of vertical swipes or plain chevron patterns. They look trendy and very chic. Mirrors will not only add to the open nature of the room, but they will also contribute to the diffusion of light.

Warm and cozy colors

Bedroom in the basement furnish shelves headboard sconces

Do you want your guests to feel just as calm and relaxed as they sleep at home? Your background should be as neutral as possible. Consider an accent wall in warm shade. Thus, any sadness will disappear. Keep the color palette simple and do not use more than two dominant shades. Most cellars do not have enough natural light. Therefore, it is probably not a bad idea to create the whole room in gold-yellow or cream in the sense of a welcoming atmosphere.

Ceilings and floor

Bedroom in the basement furnish carpet fell soft

The drywall wall surface along with a coffered ceiling is probably the best look you can achieve. This gives the room an unmistakable identity. However, you should aim for about the same level as in the main room. Thus, one will feel the basement as an extension of the rest of the house. Because you do not want to feel like you're in a UFO ship, every time you're there.

Solid and warm wooden floor is out of the question for the basement room. They are not suitable due to humidity and changing temperatures. Paint, laminate tiles and carpet are good alternatives. Stylish carpets can also contribute to the further beautification of the room and provide additional patterns and color.

Create a comfortable living atmosphere in the basement

Bedroom in the basement set up bedding floral

A great staircase that leads upstairs

Bedroom in the basement furnish stairs wood

Do you like the spectacular entrances? The stairs leading to the cellar may seem like an afterthought. But compared to climbing up and down over an uncomfortable construction, this is a much more comfortable option. The great spiral staircase here saves space and gives the basement a sophisticated character. The entrance should be something funnier if you are planning a bedroom for the kids here. What do you think about a slide? Before doing anything, make sure that it does not contradict the building codes of your community.

Scatter the darkness

Bedroom in the basement decorating floral bedding wardrobe

We often talk about how important the lights are to the overall lighting. They will be twice as important in the basement as on the other floors of the house. Due to the minimal ventilation one is completely dependent on the artificial light. As always, it has proven to be the best possible way to combine different layers of light. If you make well-thought-out bedroom planning, you may find that you need much more focused light in the playroom than in the family room. Install a few wall lights and use some smart suspension lights to save valuable space.

Plan your escape route

Bedroom in the basement furnish window exterior stairs

In most countries, one of the mandatory rules states that an escape route has to lead out of the basement. If this is not the case for you, you should do it for the sake of your own safety. A smart option would be the exit through the window. Also, consider light openings on the ceiling. If you really want to change the mood in the bedroom in the basement, then you could do it with another clever option to fly. There is talk of light layers.

The installation requires a lot of effort and digging, but at the end of the day this is well worth it

Bedroom in the basement set warm welcoming ambiente

An opulent touch

Bedroom in the basement furnish headboard upholstery carpet

The approach to the design of the bedroom can be completely different than the one in the rooms in the main levels. But the quality of the bedding, the decoration and the accessories must be exactly the same. We suggest that you invest in pillowcases. They are the most important when it comes to turning the bedroom into a comfortable retreat.

Immerse yourself in this little paradise on special occasions and celebrate your rest at home in the best possible way

Bedroom in the basement furnish soft mattress white linen

By creating a modern bedroom in the basement, the effort and time invested will always be worthwhile.

Bedroom in the basement set beige brown colors

So you will also be a better host. Why should you build another room if that enjoyment is waiting for you?