Interior decoration with branches – 20 cool ideas

Interior decoration with branches decor vase candle dresser living room

Fantastic idea for interior decoration with branches - vase with candle

The branches are a popular decoration, not only because they make your interior look very elegant and eccentric, but also because they are inexpensive and always available. You can always pick up a few branches on the street or in the park.

But you also have the opportunity to get hold of artificial branches of large shops like IKEA. Just put it in the vase and you will be overwhelmed by the warm, cozy atmosphere of the room. You can decorate the deco branches to your liking - sprinkle them with paint, sand them to remove the smaller branches or simply keep them in their natural shape. Give your imagination free rein and create magnificent pieces of jewelery from the branches, such as chandeliers, candlesticks, key chains, coat racks and other beautiful accessories. Here are some interesting ideas for interior decoration with branches.

Branches for decoration in the living room and retro pictures on the fireplace

Interior decoration with branches fireplace decor pictures wallpaper

Colorful decoration of vases and lamps on the table

Interior decoration with branches colorful decoration lamp tableGreat jug in green with branches decoration
Pitcher interior decoration with branches table green spoon

Soothing living room ambience with tree decoration, sofa and armchairs

tree branches decoration living room couch sofa

Ornate white vases decorated with branches

Shabby Chic Decor Branches Vase Table

Interplay of colorful pillows and a wooden bench

Branches decor patio black table cushions

Branches decorated in white vase and tree pattern on the table lamp

Interior decoration with branches vase candle table living room

Lifelike living room with branches as room decoration

Interior decoration with branches vase couch table sofa pillows

Two solid armchairs with a large table and a large mirror on the wall

Tree pots armchair table modern lamp

Retro chair with big glass vase and a branch

Retro interior vase branches carpet armchair

White and blue dressing table with lamps and chair in zebra pattern

Dressing table bedroom branches decor vase chair

Thin tree in the room corner

Interior decoration with branches Scandinavian design dining kitchen

Two beige cozy armchairs in front of the fireplace

Interior decoration with branches fireplace armchair table wonderful

Branches decoration on the wall behind the sofa 

Class interior decoration twigs sofa coffee table carpet

Interior decoration with branches white interior design vase

Interior decoration with branches - lamps ceiling dining table

Branches vase nightstand bedroom cozy bed

Interior decoration with branches red bookshelves nursery design

Living room decor branches armchairs sofa urban