Raised bed in the garden – A beautiful garden design idea

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Raised bed for an interesting and functional garden

You've heard about raised beds, yes? And how does it sound to you to design your own garden with raised beds? Would that be an idea that could be realized in your own garden? Why not? Those who have opted for a landscaped garden with raised beds have two options - either they can buy finished raised beds or build them themselves.

Which of the two options would you prefer to choose?

Green table-top and white stools - a colorful garden design

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The raised bed is a good solution if you want to design a small garden in the city. In this case it is much more practical to choose such an approach because raised beds and table beds are particularly compact. With these you can even beautify balconies, even if they are small, and terraces. These are wonderful for flowers as well as herbs. An interesting idea is to refresh this with vegetables. Do you want to put on an organic garden on the balcony? In one raised bed is that great! And it's attractive, is not it?

Choose the right container for planting the plants

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Rectangular raised beds and round plant containers look wonderful in combination with each other

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Consider also effective irrigation of the raised bed

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Gardening is easier when you sit on raised beds

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The raised bed has a big advantage. When it is equipped with legs, it transforms into a table-top. The integration of table beds makes it easier to garden several times. In this aspect you quickly notice the difference between table beds and natural floor beds. The care about one raised bed is not so difficult, but diligence is always a prerequisite. Everyone can easily take care of the table beds. Even if you have back pain, it is much easier than bending over the floor. Practical, yes?

Raised beds and table beds give the outdoor area a specific look

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To convey the garden through raised beds character

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How should you design the raised bed? Quite simply, as you like it. Here you can freely use your creativity. Whether you want to plant a crate or table bed, you feel free to put your original ideas into action!

Functional design with seating

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Let your imagination run wild and combine flowers as you like

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Raised beds can be made of different materials. Although these look most natural in wood, they also use plastic and stone for their design. If you want to build a raised bed yourself, you should take care that the individual soil layers are used correctly one after the other. Below you place coarser layers and finer ones above. This guarantees that the plants develop properly. This is how it works, of course, if the raised bed is deep enough. But if that is not the case, of course, you use only potting soil.

Combine plants with different heights

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Colored flowers and stones

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White is always elegant

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Crate bed in the garden

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Make the garden stylish and tasteful

raised beds design stones garden shape pebbles

Interesting asymmetrical design

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Combine different plant species in one plant pot

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High beds made of stone in various forms

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Garden design with raised beds

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Raised beds made of wood are a natural addition in the garden

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Decorate your own garden with imagination and taste

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Soil stratification plays an essential role

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