Flowering houseplants – colorful decoration ideas with plant species

houseplants flowering potted plants white hyacinths amaryllis knightstars

Flowering houseplants - pictures and interesting plant species

If you want to decorate your home in an original way and invigorate it at the same time, then put on a lively decoration with flowering houseplants. These create a fresh, relaxed atmosphere just like the green plants, but they still add colorful accents and can combine well with the color scheme of the interior.

Take a look at our list of 25 flowering potted plants!

The Calamondin orange does not bloom, but has fruits instead of flowers and also sets fresh color accents in the ambience. Furthermore, it is an exotic citrus plant that gives the interior a special charm and that is why the Calamondinbaum is one of our favorite room plants that are blooming.

Citrus plants - Calamondin tree with fruits

houseplants flowering citrofortunella microcarpa calamondin tree

Combine indoor green plants and potted plants with flowers and create a versatile, vibrant decoration. Flowering house plants are usually small and you can set a great contrast by placing room palms in the living room. Consider different variants and decorate your home with the flowers that are close to your heart. You can also find some of them below. Take a look and leave a comment if you are particularly interested in one of the plants.

 Scarlet Clay - a beautiful houseplant with gorgeous orange flowers

houseplants flowering clivia miniata scarlet hellebore potted plants

Aeschynanthus radicans, Lipstick plant

blooming indoor plants aeschynanthus radicans lipstick plant potted plant

This beautiful flower is called spurge

flowering houseplants euphorbia milii potted wolfgrass potted plant

Guzmania Lingulata

flowering houseplants guzmania lingulata

  Begonia semperfloren - all begonia species are perfect for indoor plants

flowering houseplants begonia semperflorens begonia sycamore

Justicia brandegeeana, shrimp plant 

flowering indoor plants justicia brandegeeana shrimp plant potted plant

 Nematanthus, Guppy plans

blooming indoor plants nematanthus guppy plant

 Ixora coccinea

flowering houseplants ixora coccinea

Begonia coccinea

flowering houseplants begonia coccinea begonia sycamore

 Pelargonium - beautiful purple flowering plant

flowering houseplants pelargonium potted plant

Porphyrocoma pohliana

blooming indoor plants porphyrocoma pohliana

Rieger begonia with yellow flowers

flowering houseplants rieger begonia begonia sycamore

Sinningia speciosa, gloxinia

blooming indoor plants sinningia speciosa gloxinie potted plant

Aechmea faciata, lance rosette

blooming indoor plants aechmea faciata lance rosette care

 Abutilon, Schönmalve

abloom abutilon potted plants

Anthurium, flamingo flower - one of the most beautiful flowering houseplants

indoor plants flowering anthurium flamingo flower potted plants

The beauty of the blooming hibiscus

indoor plants flowering hibiscus potted plants

White jasmine

indoor plants flowering jasminum jasmine potted plants

Streptocarpus, spinach

houseplants flowering streptocarpus Drehfrucht potted plants

Oxalis, sour clover

indoor plants flowering oxalis sauerklee potted plants

Saintpaulia ionantha, African Violet

indoor plants flowering saintpaulia ionantha african violet potted plants

Christmas cactus

houseplants flowering schumbergera christmas cactus

A leaf

houseplants flowering spathiphyllum solitary potted plants