20 Decoration with books – Are you obsessed with books?

Decoration with books envelope anna karenina

Gorgeous atmosphere at home

We all here in the Freshideen team are bookworms and we love projects and things that translate the literary aesthetic from the library to the living style. We are against the reuse of books for crafting purposes. In our opinion, the braided, outdated books should serve as a perfect decoration at home.

Bring them back to life and use them as a beautiful decor. Our photo gallery of purchased and DIY projects offer you lots of tips and ideas about what you can think about.

Colorful library wallpapers
Decoration with books wallpaper wall decor colorful book shelves wall design

1. Library Wallpaper - Swarm for bookshelves arranged in colors that even you can make yourself. Create the same look with this fun, book-inspired wallpaper.

Hanged key holder on the wall

Living ideas for books as a decoration key

2. Recycled key holder from a book - This great idea is the best way to keep your keys.

Picture books

Living ideas for books as a decoration wall decor picture frame

3. Images Books - Buy books with interesting book covers and then turn them into wall decorations.

Lamp bound book

Living ideas for books as a decoration lamp book lamp foot

4. Lamp Book - You can buy this beautiful lamp, but in our opinion it is better to do it yourself.

Reading-wise wall clock

Living ideas for books as a decoration. Wall clock

5. Reading Wall Clock - What time is it? If you like reading books, it's time! This wall clock could be a funny insertion in any library or in any office.

The picture book carpet

Living ideas for books as a decoration carpet

6. The picture book carpet - Once upon a time there was a beautiful carpet inspired by the fairy tales. We fainted. And they lived happily together until the end of their days.

Shining, striking clock

Decoration with books clock yellow envelope

7. Book Clock - How gorgeous is the cover of this vintage book? This book clock could be a great addition to a bedside table full of books.

Literary Coast Driver

decoration wall book poet

8. Literary Coast Drivers - Proudly demonstrate your poetic skills at a party with these classic Coastal Drivers.

Dictionary on the wall

Decoration with books drawers table drawings

9. Dictionary Wall - Refresh your knowledge by making your apartment look absolutely trendy! We love the idea of ​​a wall that is decorated in such a way.

Book as a picture frame

Decoration with books wall decor design

10. Book Picture Frame - Show a picture of your families with this amazing picture frame.

Fables and blanket full of feathers

Decoration with books bedspread sheets asop fables

11. Fables and Feathers Duvet - Do you enjoy reading bedding stories written on your bedding? On this blanket Aesop's fables are printed.

Books in picture frames

Living ideas for books as a decoration wall decor picture frame

Striking wall decorationDecoration with books wall deco envelope book

paper airplane

Decoration with books paper plane hanging

Right art from books

Plant decoration with books paper

Vintage picture frames in the sea style

Deco with books ship picture frame black

Wall mirror shaped like a bunch of books

Decoration with books mirror cool design

Book sheets as a tablecloth

Decoration with books table decoration vase

Thematic steps made of wood

Decoration with books stair steps wood

Book cover turned into a clock

Deco with books clock yellow envelope

Bricks painted like books

Decoration with books envelope anna karenina

Baby Mobile - Origami Birds

Decoration with books origami baby mobile

Hanging decoration made of paper

Decoration with books hanging on deco paper sheets

Colorful book covers form the headboard

Decoration with books. Headboard. Book covers. Colorful

Mug for pencils

Decoration with books holder. Stationery


Decoration with books fingerprint font

A massive book as a flower pot - succulents

Decoration with books flowerpot succulents