20 stylish examples of country-style curtains

country style curtains checkered blue curtains

The country house style and the matching curtains

If you are more interested in the country house style, then you probably know the different variants within this. At some point it is important to get an overview of it. This is always good for the better orientation and the successful style decisions.

To be even more useful, we also take a more specific aspect, namely the curtains. We explain how they should look in line with the different styles.

The good old times

There is a kind of country house style that is really difficult to define. Let's start with it. The country house is connected in principle with the release of formalities and strict rules. Here one wants to be in harmony with nature. This means that all artificial things do not matter at all. Especially in the countryside you can usually easily use the old things that are no longer appropriate elsewhere.

In country style cheerful flower patterns are very common

country style curtains flowers pattern curtains green red

In a sense, the country house style, when defined by these characteristics, blends with shabby chic and antique style.

As a result, you present yourself as a person looking for an escape from the stressful global world.

The country-style curtains of this style can be old-fashioned. But if they please your heart, they are OK. You can also show traditional patterns from your region and, more specifically, from their rural areas.

You can also use fine lace, especially in white, for your country-style curtains

country style curtains lace white living room

Global country style

There is now a trend that we call global cottage style. The nostalgic element hardly plays a role here. Instead of seeking salvation from the global world, the global country house style demonstrates a fascination for its diversity. Within such a country style, you can gather craftsmanship from different cultures under one roof. To get closer to simple living people from all over the world.

What do curtains of this kind look like in a country house? Exotic textiles with ethnic motifs from different countries are particularly suitable. Feel free to choose the best from this treasure chest.

Elegant stripes are another solution for chic country-style curtains

country style curtains stripe red white

Reinterpretation of the country style

Now we come to the designer solutions in the country house style. Talented interior designers find inspiration in ancient objects and reflect them with modern textiles and materials.

The well-forgotten old stuff is always a great base for interesting ideas.

The country curtains of this type are also mostly very modern in terms of textiles. But they are at the same time provided with nostalgic patterns and details from ancient eras.

A soft light blue for the special vintage mood in the room

country style curtains blue feather pattern delicately

The country house style and the eclecticism

The country house style in all its variants can be part of an eclectic decor. Enjoy the possibilities he offers you.

The curtains in country style can be exactly the right final detail within such a concept.

Monochrome and yet very noble and elegant with old gold edge

country style curtains beige noble fabrics old gold edging

Toile de Jouy patterns are simply timeless and unmistakable 

country style curtains blue pattern curtains toile de jouy

Create a cozy atmosphere in your kitchen with rustic curtains

country style curtains decorate flower kitchen window

Natural colors and fine fabrics for a wonderful Provençal taste

country style curtains transparent lace fine pattern

Toile de Jouy patterns are suitable for all country-style textiles

country style curtains filigree pattern curtains toile de jouy

Subtle floral pattern in the bedroom

country style curtains folded floral pattern curtains

Combine rustic patterns of curtains with these on the bedstead

country style curtains floral drapes deco baldachin

Country style with elements of neo-baroque

country style curtains french blue abstract pattern

Fresh country style after English style

country style curtains checkered pattern roses motifs

Antique furniture and metal beds are the perfect complement to the rustic curtains

country style curtains light blue flower pattern

Majestic flair in the bedroom

country style curtains neo-baroque pattern ornaments

Symmetry and solid, rustic ambience in the living room

landhausstil-curtains-velvet curtains-old gold

White linen for your country style curtains is always a good idea especially in the kitchen

country style curtains curtains monochrome colorful patterned walls

If you like it prettier in the bedroom, try blue filigree patterns on the curtains

country style curtains curtains small blue flowers pattern

Or do you prefer more delicate rose motifs?

country style curtains drapes dainty roses pattern