Winter Inspiration 2017: Current Ideas for Christmas Winter Nails

For great Christmas winter nails you need two things above all else: One would have to know the current trends well. In addition, one should integrate certain solemn elements skillfully. Based on some ideas and examples, we show you how this can work for Christmas 2017.

Spectacular nail design only in white and with subtle decoration

only in white decent Christmas nails

Nude Nail Design

The nail design in Nude is a very current trend in winter 2017. You can choose bright pastel shades, as well as white or transparent. Also a combination of different shades with a neutral character would be appropriate. The picture above is a wonderful example of how one can become creative with neutrals.

The traditional nail design for Christmas can look so elegant too

ideas green white ideas wehnachtliche winter nails

Christmas Winter nails

The retro ideas have not been rising from the scene for a few years. Especially patterns and prints are announced with the nails. But when it comes to Christmas mood, then you can take some classic ones. The deer, fir trees or stars inspired by the sweater knit patterns are in fashion. You can make them look traditional, even childish. This is the season!

Childish? At Christmas, such Christmas-like winter nails are up-to-date

decorative christmas nails childish pattern

Combinations with gold

Christmas winter nails can hardly be imagined without golden nuances. They are very popular again this year. As in the last winter season, gold is often combined with dark shades. This can e.g. Be black, but you could also take another dark color. Gold can also be paired with very bright colors. It would be a great decoration on white or even unpainted nails.

Traditional green and red nuances make this nail design

three-dimensional ideas for Christmas winter nails

The current nuances of green and red

Not a year passes in which the nails in red and green are not up-to-date. Also in winter 2017/2018 it does not look different. Take a look at the Trends magazines and catalogs and see which green and red nuances are currently up to date. You can then simply take these for your Christmas winter nails. It is both timely to search for only one shade, and to combine several such. If you choose a variant, we recommend a subtle decoration on one or two fingers.

In general, it is in the winter time to become more creative. You can and must treat yourself to unusual characters and combinations. Because so spreads a festive mood. So if you want to experiment with your nails then this is the right time. If you also take the trends into account, you will become more up-to-date and festive.

In brown and warm nuances - great nail design for the winter

subtle christmas nails 2017

Red nails with bright white patterns

fiery red nail designs

Purple is solemn and therefore it is suitable for nail design for Christmas

shiny purple nails with white stars

Green Christmas nails are always up to date

green base fir-tree christmas nails

Various blue nuances and 3 D design are ideal as Christmas nails

Ideas for Christmas winter nails blue

Christmas can be a good occasion to wear the red nails

Ideas with Christmas Nails Winter Nails with Christmas Tree

Transfer the warmth of the knit pullover to your nails

Ideas for the pattern of the weissesachtsnägel

Show elegance and high style through your Christmas winter design

pastel colors brown light blue christmas nails

Paint your nails like Christmas presents!

Retro christmas nails three colors

Glitter and a Christmas theme transform the usual nail design into a festive one

red nails with shiny particles of snowman

red christmas nails 2017

very subtle ideas for Christmas winter nails

stirrup pattern deer star christmas nails

Christmas nails red warm

Christmas pattern on red and black nails

Christmas nails with a shiny base
Christmas winter nails with the year number