Great ideas how to decorate the fireplace

hearth in white and black

Pick your unique fire pit


When the coolness is gradually felt in the air, there is nothing better than a burning one fireplace. No heater can provide warmth and comfort at the same time as the fireplace. The winter season comes with snow and merriment, with the celebration of Christmas and New Year, but also with cold and biting frost.

But you can find a rescue idyll in the gently flickering flame of the fireplace and give body and soul much comfort and satisfaction.

Did you ever feel something like that? I many times. Is there anything better than enjoying a cup of hot chocolate in front of the fire pit? But enough dreams … Above all, the should fireplace also beautiful, interesting and creatively designed. The mantel can look and be decorated in many ways. The possibilities are innumerable. In this sequence, I’ve come up with some lovely ideas for fireplace decoration to share with you and inspire you for next winter season.


Enjoy a cup of hot chocolate in front of the burning fireplace

mantel decor with clock

Fresh effect with flowers and mirror

  hearth mirror accessories

The round mirror with flowers is refreshing. I think the braided balls are great accessories.

The small floor lamps stand like soldiers on both sides

hearth tv cabinet in white clock

The mantelpiece is shown as a whole piece of furniture. The white painted wood unites heater, TV bank and shelving system together.

A similar model without TV

mantel decor on customer request

Super chic with artificial aging

fireplace lattice artificial aging wood

We see in this photo how the artificial aging of the wood gives a very chic and unique look to the fireplace set.

Stay brave

fireplace made of stone mirror lanterns

Please, do not be afraid of the impressive decoration of this fireplace. It has been specially designed for Halloween.

Stone panel

hearth with lighting flowers deco

The Middle Ages are brought into the room by this stone paneling. The messy scattered cushions create a cozy atmosphere.

Classic and sophisticated

  mantel decor pictures on the wall

The classic-looking fireplace is characterized by straight, simple lines. The dark marble contrasts with the white painted wood. The flowerpots can be taken as a little tease.

autumn broadcasting

mantel-decor-autumn motives-stone

An autumnal corner has been designed over the stone paneling. I liked that a lot.

Stone and wood create the perfect combination

mantel decor wood and stone

  Stone and wood appear in a beautiful, stylish combination. The wooden elements built into the stone create a warm feeling and you can not miss the comfortable sofa opposite.

winter sunmantel decor plain

What a brilliant idea for decoration! Summer and winter come hand in hand.

Simply modern

mantel decor very modern

You can not do without fashion.

Asian look

mantel decor stylishly apple lanterns

Does not this hearth look a bit asian?

Chimneypiece with trellis and Christmas decorations

mantel lattice wejnachten deko

I have always perceived the Kamingitter as very comfortable. And who does not like Christmas?

  With stone and wallpaper piecemantel with wallpaper

Here one has brought wallpaper for decoration in use.

Mirror for an aristocratic look

mantel origenelle idea

The shape of the mirror comes to the center and gives the mantel an aristocratic look.

Romantic with candlesmantel christmas decor candles

The candles always create a romantic atmosphere.

Gray and marble go well together

hearth painted including the wall on top

And did it work? Did I give you a bit of warmth with my suggestions? Hopefully yes, but if you are still too cold, just forget it and start thinking like your own fireplace Cozy, hospitable and beautiful. That’s just in your hands.