Unusual pies – pies can also look atypical …

fancy pies peacock design interesting

Fancy pies make the mood cheerful

 Today we are talking about food! And more specifically, to treats! What do you first think about when you hear the word pie? Certainly not to these creatures that you will see in the following pictures! As a rule, one turns out to be a round cake, which not only looks sweet and tasty, but also tastes like it!

But you do not think of a bathtub with a yellow duck inside, or a sleeping child, right? Do you feel like a few more? unusual pies To see ideas that have no trace of something traditional? Continue reading now!

Decorating pies is an art

fancy pies inspiring ideas sleeping child

Untypical design of a cake, which is particularly successful

fancy pies pink ice cream treats

Pie with mushroom figures on it

fancy pies mushrooms eat treats

As in the other areas of life, cooking became particularly creative. The cake designs show it! Among these are not only funny, but also eccentric designs to find. And you? Do you like cooking? And do you often prepare desserts for your guests? But do not you want to see the astonished glances of all guests after they see your extravagant cake? If you need inspiration for their creation, then read on, surely you will find such! Your child's birthday or any other festive occasion is a great opportunity to put funny culinary ideas into action. Too bad that you will eat this artwork then!

Did this cake interest you? One imitated a gym

pies decorate purple pie sports facilities

Hello Kitty for the kids

cake decorate hello kitty design fancy

You do not want to eat something like that, just enjoy it ...

fancy pies cottage mushroom garden

Bathtub with yellow duckling - a delightful cake!

fancy pies decorate bathtub design

An elegant, striped cake in white and black, suitable for an important event

decorate pies stripes white black flowers

A nice color contrast - White cake decorated with red flowers

pies decorate white pie red flowers

A cake could not only fascinate by their taste, this can also be achieved by their appearance! And a cake with a gorgeous design you eat rather than a boring! She tastes better, right? Realize everything that comes to mind and create a stunning cake for your party! And eat this with pleasure!

The Lego cake is a delightful choice for the kids

fancy pies lego pie decoration

The colored flowers make the yellow cake appear even more beautiful

pies decorate yellow pie decorate flowers

A colorful cake will make your party more beautiful

fancy pies colored eat funny

Stunning cake

unusual cakes create creative ideas

Owl pie with ombre effect

fancy pies owl design pinks

The combination of white and purple is extremely elegant - especially for a cake!

fancy pies purple white design

 Elegant wedding cake with gentle tasty ornament

pies decorate wedding cake floral elements

Funny wedding cake

beautiful wedding cake three sticks decorate pies

Your boy will be especially happy about such a cake

pies decorate child pie larbig funny

A tempting cake is that!

fancy pies create ice cream design