Kitchen decoration: creative decoration ideas for your kitchen

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Creative decoration of the kitchen


While on the plates of many hobby cooks fantasy and inventiveness with unusual, exotic or colorful creations are shown, in most kitchens there is monotony. The game of creative decoration in the kitchen can be so simple and beautiful.

Kitchen decoration ideas

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Who wants to exchange his simple shelves for a real eye-catcher, does not have to think far. At the next purchase in the wine shop of trust are often old wine boxes ready. For little money, the used but beautiful boxes to acquire and beautify the kitchen in a rustic way. Mounted on the wall, they serve as storage for oil bottles, pasta containers or spice mills. Many other systems with hooks and shelves on the wall are also practical and look great.

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Small details make every kitchen more individual and homely. Even little things like a stylish black globe, a pill-shaped bread box in white high gloss or a flower box from an old car tire on the wall.

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When decorating the kitchen, the imagination knows no bounds. And the design is not limited to accessories, furniture and furnishings. Walls and fronts also offer scope for creative ideas. For example, with table-cloth, every wall becomes completely fixed to the kitchen table - and this is then not limited to the usual rectangular shape.

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In addition, by the color design of walls, with stickers, stickers, wall tattoos or small lettering accents can be set.

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One of the most important factors for the effect of a room is the lighting. There is a lot to think about in the kitchen. So the lighting during the stay and the meals should be atmospheric and comfortable, but when preparing and washing dishes, the light must be bright enough. DYK360 has put together many tips in the kitchen guide to lamps and lighting.

Each kitchen is a space full of life and therefore unique. Through creativity and ingenuity residents and visitors benefit and cook and bake with even more joy!

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