Tips for the proper care of the gold fruit palm

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Gold fruit palm: green splendor for indoors and outdoors


In the middle of winter, the activities with exotic plants are often very popular. Because now you want to remember that the winter will eventually come to an end. You will then experience the heat after a few months and thus have great, summery green around you.

But while waiting for this moment, you can already surround yourself with some exotic plants indoors. Whether this is done in the kitchen or on the enclosed veranda, they bring us certainly in the right mood. Today we want to talk about a special type of palm tree, which will certainly look good in the private as well as in the business sector - the gold fruit palm.

Which palm species are suitable for room palms

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First of all, it is so popular because it has beautiful green leaves. Secondly, if you bring it home with you to a certain size, it is easy to care for. You hardly have to do anything more than to put them into the right flowerpot.

Gold fruit palms at home

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As a potted plant

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Interesting facts about the gold fruit palm

It is a type of palm originally from Madagascar. Actually, we have to do here with a generic term. The golden fruit plant has many different subspecies.

Room palms in the office improve the indoor climate

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It also offers a lot of variety. But she always has beautiful leaves. For all these properties, the gold fruit palm is very popular. It can grow up to three meters high. Do you have this in mind when you pick the right plant container. Expect that transplanting may be necessary.

The tropical origin determines to a large extent the character of the conditions, with which it likes to grow.

Give a houseplant

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Tubes to the gold fruit palm

In this case, it would be best to use stone vases for planting the golden fruit plants. The bigger the better. If you use the Goldfruchtpalme, you should also secure this a support for the first days of their existence.

Select the right planter

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The right soil for the gold fruit palm

The soil in which the golden fruit palm grows should be moist. At the same time, it would be best if this is also enriched with suitable organic fertilizers.

The gold fruit palm can grow up to three meters high

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The sun and the gold fruit palm

Yes, we have mentioned that the gold fruit palm is easy to care for. But at the same time we do not want to say that the plant needs no care at all. For example, the gold fruit palm needs enough light every day. At the same time, the direct light is not too good an idea for this exotic plant. But on the contrary. One should rather put the gold fruit palm in an ambience, which receives no direct light.

Fresh green decoration for the home office

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If you expose them to direct sunlight, the gold fruit palm will most likely survive. But she will lose her leaves at some point. But no one wants to do without her beauty, right?

Palm trees in the workplace

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Watering the gold fruit palm

Here we want to ask you for special respect. With the gold fruit palm neither too much, nor too little water may. How much is right in your area, you should inform the seller, from which you pick your plant. Caution: The gold fruit palm is sometimes very susceptible to fungi. You should definitely try using moisture-absorbing agents to avoid this.

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