Curtains Decoration suggestions – Decoration ideas for windows and bathrooms

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Different curtains Decoration suggestions - the right jewelery for your window


Curtains and curtains are a good example of how the practical and the beautiful, the functionality and the decoration can be brought to a common denominator. The appropriately selected curtains and curtains have many functions.

In practice, curtains and curtains mostly serve as privacy screens. These can be perceived as guardians who protect us from prying eyes and strong sun. That's not all. In my opinion no house without curtains can look really cozy and inviting. An intimate atmosphere is difficult to create without beautiful curtains. Their usefulness is also applicable in the bathroom. If you do not have enough room for a shower cubicle, you can use shower curtains for privacy. Here you will find Curtains Decoration suggestions in pictures, which represent my ideas.

Curtains and curtains in rich color combinations

decoration suggestions curtains chevron pattern black white

The beauty of the curtains comes with the colorful patterns, trendy prints, sumptuous materials and decorative fabrics. In order to develop the greatness of the curtains, you should think about colors, fabrics and design. Your interior design must be the right combination depending on these points. There are different types of decorations that you could apply. Below you will find beautiful decorative patterns, color combinations, attractive tassels and tiebacks that can realize these decorating ideas. I wish you a lot of fun looking at your photos.


The freestanding bath is hidden behind the boat

decoration proposals curtains shower curtains ship

Tree pattern

decoration proposals curtains black tree

Shower curtains with colored floral patterns

decoration suggestions curtains shower curtains floral pattern

Colored rhino in signal colorsdecoration suggestions shower curtains pattern colorful

Sweet pink hearts

curtains decorations curtains pink hearts

Great curtains Decoration suggestions - String curtain for the bathroom

curtains decorations suggestions thread curtain purple

Colorful decorative curtains

curtains decorations suggestions thread curtain colorful

Another example of string curtain with extra jewelry

decoration suggestions curtains curtains black white jewelry

String curtain in black and silver in the living room

curtains decorations suggestions thread curtain black

Decoration suggestions for curtains - beaded chain

  decorations curtains curtains chain

Decorative necklace in purple

decorations curtains curtains chain purple

Delicate red curtains

decorations curtains red curtains

Stylish tassels are a great decoration for curtains

Decorations curtains tiebacks tassel

Ruffled curtains - waterfall in old rose

curtains decoration suggestions old rose curled

Decorated in several levels

curtains decorations suggestions curtains warm colors

Decorations in the nursery - Colorful bow made of wrapping paper

Decorations curtains sweep wrapping paper

  Funny loops

curtains decorations suggestions colorful grind

Curtains in different colors

    curtains decorations suggestions shiny stars

Shining stars decorate the curtains

curtains decorations suggestions shiny stars curtains

The same curtains without tieback

curtains decorations suggestions shiny stars curtains silk

Original handmade curtains

home decor curtains handmade decorations handmade

Orange curtains with tiebacks made of metal

curtains decorations orange curtains tiebacks

Tiebacks - orange flowers

curtains decorations tiebacks orange roses

Rope tieback

curtains decoration suggestions rope tiebacks

Put together red and white

curtains decorations curtains in red

Yellow tassels

curtains decorations curtains tassels

"Shabby chic"

  curtains decorations white curtains

Beautiful pattern in the Chinese style

decorations curtains drapes chinese