Are the sliding curtains the new modern window decoration?

sliding curtains ideas living area modern set up

Sliding curtains, panel curtains, panels

Here is the promised material about the Schiebegardinen In the main role.

What makes sliding curtains so popular these days? Sheets, panels or curtains - these are smooth, floor-length panels that are mounted at the top of a rail system and that fall nicely thanks to a metal strip on the lower hem.

Do you have a living room with many and floor to ceiling windows, then familiarize yourself with the panel curtains.

Schiebegardinen are practical and easy to care for, they can be easily removed from the sliding system and cleaned. Furthermore, the sliding curtains play a great decorative role. These could be used not only as a window sill and window cover, but also as an elegant and stylish room divider in the middle of the room or as a curtain on the door, to create a minimalist and original atmosphere.

Sliding curtains are in demand and so to say the modern window decoration par excellence. Let us convince you by taking a look at the following design options Schiebegardinen toss.

 Modern window decoration with a practical purpose

curtains ideas bright green living room sofa wooden floor

Bamboo curtains in an Asian-style bedroom

Sliding curtains made of bamboo bedroom sunshade curtain rails

 Four white panels hang down smoothly in the bedroom and provide privacy and sun protection

surface curtains terrace door privacy protection sunscreen

Here, these transparent patterned surface curtains serve as a chic room divider

sliding curtains ideas room divider surface curtains patterned light wooden beam

The width of the surface curtains can vary widely - from 40 to 120cm

yellow curtains curtain rails four panels

Panels in front of the door 

sliding curtains curtain rails door beige curtains

 The slatted curtains are a good alternative

lamell curtain or wall curtains ideas living area modern set up

 Also consider the blinds

curtains blinds shutters ideas modern living ideas

The rail system is easy to install

bamboo curtains curtain walls modern living area

Climbing panels - simple, practical and easily interchangeable

wall curtains curtain rails living area modern furnishings

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