40 ideas for elegant pergola design design

modern luxury sitting area garden pool pergola rattan furniture black

Do you want to go beyond the inevitable four walls when designing your home?

Through the pergola, they are sure to contribute to much vigor and brilliance.

It is a construction that has been on the market for centuries. Basically, the pergola is square and it shows transverse beams on the ceiling.

It can be considered as a bridge between the outdoor deck and the interior design.

40 ideas for elegant pergola design design

Elegant pergola design design wood white railing seat

Many people will tell you that creating your own pergola is a simple task. I do not agree with that opinion at all. But after all, there are many DIY solutions that are easy to imitate. We have put together some of these for you.

Take a look at some of these fabulous pergola models and you might find them fitting in your backyard as well.
You will thereby provide for drama and an upscale mood. Perhaps this is exactly the element that will serve for the magnificent design of your yard.

A contemporary touch to the traditional pergola design

Elegant Pergola Design Design wood modern soft pads sofas

The vinyl pergola is perfect for the houses on the beach
Elegant pergola design design white painted surface beach

Great pergola with a cool retractable roof

Elegant pergola design design curtains pool environment

The fireplace creates an immediate focal point in the pergola design

Elegant pergola design shaping plant species beautiful garden

Stunning landscape with waterfalls and pergola

Elegant pergola design design plant species stone stages

Modern vaulted pergola in white

Elegant pergola design design modern glass roof backyard

Nice outdoor dining area under the pergola

Elegant pergola design design fairy lights

Sleek pergola design for the contemporary verandah offers whimsical ocean views

Elegant pergola design design terrace sea lying rattan

The missing piece of your outdoor design

One of my favorite solutions to the gorgeous designs are those next to the swimming pools. The style of the pergola and its canopy can take different forms.

You can develop the look in the direction of luxury through noble fabrics and go beyond the level of the countryside.

The pure Mediterranean style in white became extremely popular. The pergola can be made of wood, stone or other artificial materials.

Make sure that the pergola extends the design of your home.

Chic designed pergola has charm thanks to the fiery additions

from Edmunds Studios Photography

Elegant pergola design design wood backyard garden tub

This arcade looks like a postcard from a trip to Europe out

cute pergola design design metal recline dining table

Hot Jacuzzi under the pergola - for a revitalizing dip

beautiful pergola design design jacuzzi stone decoration

The trim work on the pergola gives the room a unique appearance. If you like the look of hanging vines and are addicted to gardening, then the green abundance will surely be welcome.

If you do not have enough space, this simple design will be a good and very practical improvement.

Structure of the home acts as support on one side of the pergola

The building structure serves as support on the pergola side

Pergola design design pool summer house

Sprinklers to the arcade

Elegant pergola design design pool bridge stone exotic

The pergola design combines very well with the flooring

Pergola Design Design wood flooring railing staircase

The curtains soften the look of the massive pergola

peculiarly chic pergola design curtains classic furnishings

Arched pergolas create geometric contrast to the house facade

geometric shapes pergola design wood dining area design

Arbor in the Mediterranean style

chic pergola design bamboo canopy sofas cushion pads

The pergolas form the dining area

wood elegant pergola design white solid seating sofas chairs

Full of design styles

Here you can count on many different design styles. You can always achieve a new look and combine the individual elements with the different design directions.

What about a modern pergola on the roof terrace? It gives shade to the room and keeps it cool in the summer days.

On the other side is the Toscana pergola. It has carved stone pillars, with plush-covered grills, and a decoration that matches the structure perfectly.

This design was inspired by the Italian Renaissance and has another feature: it forms beautiful walkways with a vine-covered ceiling.

Custom-made pool and spa in the backyard

custom made-pergola-design-design-elegant-pool

Elegant living room in the open air


Intricately carved stone pillars give a classic charm

classic charm pillars pergola design wood idea pillars

The modern pergolas go beyond the normal stone and wood creations. There are beautiful designs in vinyl, aluminum and other lightweight materials. All these are gaining more and more popularity. They combine casual design and the contemporary atmosphere with the magic of traditional forms of the pergola.

These can be easily obtained and installed.

Simple patio pergola with a fireplace in the middle - more romantic nights in the countryside

hearth pergola lighting backyard romantic atmosphere

Minimalist pergola design

plants colorful flowers pergola design massive garden furniture

Woven bamboo gives an oriental look

weird chic pergola design pool chairs seating area

Chic pergola looks even better thanks to the fabric accents

chic pergola design plastic accents

Traditional sun terrace with beautiful pergola

terrace outdoor area dining area pergola design plants

Fine Mediterranean property with a beautiful pergola

pool grass pergola protection idea design design

Rainwater channeled through pipes creates ornate waterfalls

shower outside elegant original idea pergola design design

pads chairs dining area backyard pergola

Expand your interior with style

The casual outdoor lounges and dining rooms are a very respected trend right now. Most festivals begin after sunset. The pergola with comfortable seats, a warm fireplace and a comfortable dining table has a dual function: it secures shade during the day and serves as a party space at night.

You can easily insert a room next to the pool. The pergola does not have to cover the entire area. You can create a multifunctional and ergonomic room with a high aesthetic and functional value.

comfortable garden furniture durable solid dining table environment stone construction pergola design hearth practical elegant

It is no problem to insert a modern and slim fireplace in the pergola. Then you just have to arrange the furniture around it.

Have we inspired you to do some more outdoor initiative? How would the pergola look like?

pool built outdoor area flagstones pergola wood integrated pool exterior modern minimalist pergola sitting area wood pergola design rattan furniture glass table top dinette terrace glass railing pergola canopy integrated outdoor lighting pergola garden foliage design romantic Large pool design are wood pergola stone pillars modern luxury sitting area garden pool pergola rattan furniture black