Find oriental decoration for your very special 1001 night

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What you should know about the oriental decoration

Have you ever been to the Orient? Or maybe you dream about it sometimes. Yes, the fairytale Orient fascinated many of us in our childhood. The tales of 1001 Nights still sound in our memory and take us to the magical East, where the eternal summer prevails and where the stars seem stronger at night.

Thanks to today's multiculturalism and the rapid development of new communication technologies and international trade, it is possible to feel closer to foreign cultures. Benefit from it and introduce an exotic flair into your home. Oriental decoration would be a perfect option.

Artful elegance from the Orient

oriental decoration lanterns plate glasses stand silver

There are now a wide selection of beautiful items and home accessories that come from the Orient. Of course you can also buy many of them online. You can design your whole apartment or just a single room in the oriental style of furnishing. Oriental decoration can even be combined with a modern, minimalist décor by focusing only on specific elements.

Pleasant serenity and silky sheen

oriental deko low dining table wood seat cushion silk gold

Which are the most important guidelines for the oriental style of furnishing?

To dye

Let's start with the colors first. Strong colors are in high demand here. Warm tones like yellow, orange and red are very popular. In combination with azure blue or purple and purple one achieves the optimal effect. Silver and gold should not be missed either. But if you like it more subtle, then you should rather rely on neutral nuances such as beige, white or light brown.

Azure for more freshness and a mystical touch

oriental deco hanging lights metal wall decor ethno pattern

Colorful feast of the senses

oriental deco moroccan colorful colors

Patterns and ornaments

Typical patterns for oriental decoration are those related to vegetation. Tendrils, flowers and leaves are very popular and are also called arabesques. Exactly the same are the geometric patterns and ornaments. These can be found everywhere on screens, hanging lamps, candlesticks, wall decoration, tiles and kilims. Not to be forgotten is the art of calligraphy.

The Arabic characters can often be seen on the walls, on teapots or on large bulbous vases and bowls

oriental deco teapots colorful carpets runners

Filigree patterns everywhere

oriental deco large vases patterned wooden armchair

Antique Persian wooden chest

oriental deco wooden chest Persian

Moroccan lantern - the symbol of the oriental style of furnishing

oriental deco metal lantern silver


When it comes to textiles, first and foremost silk and velvet are mentioned. No less popular and fitting are cotton, organza and brocade. You can easily hang gossamer veils over the bed and combine them with colorful pillows and soft, colorful rugs.

Natural materials and soft textiles in fresh colors

oriental deco striped textile throw pillows

Heavy, colorful Persian rugs, fine silk and soft velvet

oriental decoration lanterns hanging lamps kelime textiles floral pattern


Scented cedar wood for the furniture, genuine leather for the poufs, colorful glass for the mosaics and ceramic for the tiles are just a few of the most important materials used in the oriental style of furnishing. Many accessories are made of precious metals such as silver, gold, copper and brass.

Golden tendrils on fine porcelain

oriental deco coffee set porcelain tendrils pattern gold

Colorful glass and gorgeous mosaics

oriental decoration colorful glass window wood carving

 All you need to do is browse the internet a little more, or go to the nearest flea market to find the right home accessories and textiles for your personal, oriental atmosphere. Good luck!

 Typical Moorish wall tiles with floral patterns

oriental decoration wall tiles colorful floral pattern

Modern oriental ambience

oriental deco arabic interior decoration golden ornaments rugs

Orient meets modernity

oriental deco arabic style modern

Authentic nostalgia in the oriental style

oriental oriental decoration side tables metal tray wooden bench wood carving

Introduce certain elements into your interior

oriental deco hanging lamp chandelier metal wall decoration

Bold, heavy brass bowl

oriental deko heavy round bowl of iron

Meaningful color combination for your bedroom

oriental decor wall paint curtains bold colors