Sewing egg warmers – the unforgettable time with the children is imminent

ideas for egg warmer colored hats

Egg warmer Sewing is a great DIY project for the whole family


If you want to spend an unforgettable time with the kids, you can do a craft project Egg-warmer sewing realize. At Easter one often undertakes such projects. It is not obligatory to combine such an idea with a concrete party, is it?

You can always have fun time with the family and especially with the kids. The child prepares joy with pleasure and pleasure. But what's missing most is the exact idea of ​​what to do. Here I give you some great tips in pictures, how to sew egg warmer of colored fabric or felt.

Spend the best time with your children

DIY Deco Ideas Egg Warmer Sewing Animal Motifs

From felt you can make many ornaments and applications, which you can then sew to a hat, for example. Wool can also be put to practical use by making funny figures or little dolls. Can you knit? With a little bit of yarn you can do a lot when the imagination is on. The color palette is rich. Colored little winter hats can be knit for no more than an hour. At the end, just sew a pompom. Colorful winter hats as egg warmer bring mood and go great with the goal. Ninjas, chickens, cute rabbits and many other animal designs are acceptable variants. The most important thing is that the project is perceived as a family game.

Three cute little birds

DIY project egg warmer sewing chicken

Do not lose time anymore! Be inspired by my photos and give yourself an unforgettable time with the family, full of emotions!

Egg warmer made of felt with bird motifs

DIY egg warmer sew cool birds motifs

Egg warmer crafting project with chicken motifs

DIY project egg warmer sewing rooster motif

Gloves for cooking - egg warmer

DIY egg warmer sewing glove cooking motive

Another idea with floral pattern

DIY project egg warmer sewing glove cooking motive colorful

Sew pompom onto the winter hats

project egg warmer sew winter hat pompom

Second idea for winter hats with pompom

egg warmer sew colored jewelry winter hat bommel

Make funny figures out of wool

DIY project egg warmer sewing wool

Great hare

  great egg warmer sew decorative bunny deco ideas

Colorful girl figures

egg warmer sewing diy project colorful figures

Atmospheric applications

egg warmer sewing diy animal pattern

 Pink flowers decorate the egg warmers

sewing great ideas for egg warmer

  Make chicken out of felt

ideas for egg warmer sewing chicken