Window films are versatile

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Window films are versatile


Windows let the sun in your own four walls, allow the view of nature - but also allow the view to the inside, which is not always desired. Window films such as those available on ensure that it is much harder for unauthorized persons to gain an overview of the home.

In addition, the films are even able to effectively hamper a burglary. Which variants are suitable for which application?

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Sun protection films damp heat development

In particular, in buildings with large windows, the sunlight can cause difficulties: The brightness is indeed desirable and makes working easier, but the buildings also heat up particularly strong. A window film helps here: The sunlight is reflected, which effectively prevents the room from heating up. Around 80 percent of the incoming heat energy can be locked out by simply attaching a foil. For computer workstations a pleasant work is possible, because the sunscreen prevents glare. At the same time, the sunscreen serves as a visual screen, whereby this effect is lost in the dark. If you are interested in sunscreen, keep in mind that there are two variants:

- Sun protection film, which is applied from the inside, is protected from the weather and therefore particularly durable. For this, the glass must also be suitable for attachment; Otherwise there is a risk of cracking with some types of glass.

- Sun protection film for outdoor installation are particularly suitable for special glass such as thermal, double or double glazing

If the privacy is in the foreground, so-called mirror film can be used. This film is transparent from the inside in daylight, whereas only one mirror can be seen from the outside. In the dark, however, the effect decreases noticeably. If the light is then switched on in the interior, the foil can also be viewed from the outside. Of course, curtains could be hung for protection from the sun and unwanted glances. However, their attachment is usually associated with a greater effort. In addition, curtains have the disadvantage that they largely block out the sunlight and also prevent the view to the outside - films solve this task elegant.

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Milk glass foils create a bright ambience

A true classic in the field of privacy films are frosted glass films. They are mainly used in medical practices if privacy is to be maintained. The name already gives a good idea about the optics: the frosted glass foil is a matt white foil that does not reflect the light and thus ensures bright rooms. The advantage is - apart from the privacy screen - that milk glass films are suitable for all types of windows. In addition, the attachment takes place from the inside, which in turn allows a long life and easy installation. The universal use even allows a Teilbeklebung of glass surfaces. This is not possible with all types of foils, because glass breakage can not be ruled out due to the different thermal expansions.

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Burglary made difficult: Anti-shatter films prevent the windows from bursting

Completely invisible, but still not without added value, are splinter protection foils: Also known as anti-burglary foil, they effectively prevent the smashing of the disc. Even if the children like to play with football in the garden, the protection by such a film is recommended. The high tear strength ensures that smashing the disc is hardly possible. When purchasing, however, care should be taken to ensure that the film is certified according to DIN 52337 or EU standard EN 12 600. Although the anti-shatter film does not hinder the view, they still have a practical side effect: The UV radiation is filtered out to 96 percent.

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Deco films loosen up the look

As practical as these films are - aesthetics also play a role, especially with glass doors and large windows. Dekofolien can also serve as a screen, but appreciate large and sterile glass surfaces in addition. In principle, there are no limits to one's own creativity, because decor foils can be found in all patterns, sizes and colors.

The attachment is easily carried out on all films that are mounted from the inside:

- After selecting the appropriate slides, this can be purchased either as a blank or by the meter. However, blanks are recommended because of the easier installation.

- Clean windows and remove dust completely. The window should remain moist

- Prepare the foil by peeling off the protective foil

- Mix installation fluid with water and apply. The liquid should be applied both on the window and on the film itself. The assembly liquid may cause any air pockets to be struck after the film has been applied.

- Align foil: If it is a blank or the window is only partially glued, an alignment with the spirit level is recommended.

- If the film should be removed, this is of course also possible later - completely residue-free.

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Conclusion: perfect alternative to curtains

In the end, window films not only impress with their appearance, but also offer real added value: anti-fragment films make it difficult to break in, sun protection films prevent glare and heating up and milk glass foils create a bright yet discreet atmosphere. The simple installation in the do-it-yourself process also saves costs. When buying should be taken to ensure that the own window for the desired film are also suitable. In addition, the right cut to the meter is preferable because otherwise the film must be cut during assembly. Anyone browsing online will quickly find the perfect slide.

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