Modern Garden – Ideas on how to make a perfect garden

modern garden fancy garden decoration. small pond

Modern Garden - Beautiful design ideas for the outdoors

Do you have a big and contemporary house? Now belongs modern garden also to. You want to create this so that everyone will be jealous of you? Then do it! It is difficult, you say? No, you are wrong.

Simple is the keyword! We show it to you now! Creativity and the pursuit to create a space for recreation is what you need most.

Waterfall in the garden? Why not?

modern garden waterfall green elegant garden fence

Make for attractive garden lighting

gardening ideas stylish lighting rattan furniture

At night, this garden turns into a dream location

gardening ideas modern garden lighting plants

On modern garden is a well-kept garden

The modern garden is the calling card for a homeowner. He needs a special attention.

Interesting garden path that goes through the garden

gardening ideas bird's eye view separating various areas

In addition, it has been found that the clear and orderly appearance has a positive impact on the people who are there. So structure your garden because of the impression that you leave on others, but also in the sense of your own inner peace.

main principles

Although you have a lot of freedom in a modern garden, there are certain principles that still apply. But do not see this as a limitation. They make a lot of sense and serve as a framework. They give one the stability and peace that most people care about for unfolding their own creativity.

Luxurious garden with stairs illuminated by recessed lighting

gardening ideas stairs recessed plant container

Stylish the garden

modern garden beautiful design ideas elegant wood furniture

Work the soil

First, you should be aware of the specifics of the terrain. Do you have many inequalities, a hilly terrain? You may have to terraced, cover, or perhaps introduce different tubes that drain the water, considering the garden floor.

Pebbles for the floor and house facade with stones

gardening ideas pebbles plant stone wall

The inner house and the garden must correspond with each other

The seamless transition between inside and outside is a hallmark of the current house design. For this reason, it is important that a modern garden well matches the interior design of the house.

To make the outdoor area comfortable

modern garden comfortable outdoor furniture plant

That does not mean that you should organize everything in the garden as well as inside. It is sufficient if you harmonize the visible parts of the courtyard with those in the interior. This creates a sense of security as soon as you put the interior house in focus.


The modern garden is designed for relaxation and symmetry plays a very important role. There are different variants for this. The classic is to create a central area directly opposite the entrance and to distribute around it many different green oases. Also, some may serve as functional areas, such as a playground or BBQ zone, or even a whole outdoor kitchen.

Make the garden minimalist

framing modern garden minimalist style exterior

In the center of a modern garden may well be a swimming pool. Around this, the seating for the recreation of the people can be distributed.

The garden stairs go into a swimming pool. Is not this solution cool?

gardening ideas swimming pool recliner

But you can not form a central area, so no core, but instead set up an absolutely symmetrical garden with many different great lines, in the form of garden paths and fences.

Separate different garden areas

modern garden stylish exterior roomy

Modern is also the design according to Eastern philosophical beliefs and rules. Also consider these! There is now plenty of information in all forms.

Hide ugly elements

Important is the seamless appearance. However, according to the modern understanding of the garden, it is not necessarily just that you only have new and perfect furniture. Rather, you should learn to give the used elements a vintage charm and hide the others - through plants, as well as creative and tasteful decoration from the view.

Turn the balcony into a cool garden

modern garden cool floor tiles white black plant container

Zones in the yard

In principle, we have mentioned how to distribute the zones in the yard. But let's say more about their design. Much depends on the number of people living permanently in the house. Furthermore, their interests have to be considered.

Set up a nice relaxation area

gardening ideas garden lighting comfortable sofa plants

In addition to the nature of the distribution, you should consider the various methods by which you distinguish this. In the classical way, the garden sculptures are essential in this regard. Furthermore, it would be possible that fences, paths and wells play an important role.

Stylish garden sculptures can beautifully decorate the garden

gardening ideas garden sculptures birds elegant garden decor

It helps a great deal if you take a look from above while planning. This can be done from the terrace or ceiling. When planning a bird's eye view helps much further.

The decorative elements

For the creation of a modern character in the garden, the decorative elements play a very important role. You can also do without it if you prefer a minimalist look. Or set strong accents within a clear-line appearance.

The modern fireplace can be a wonderful garden décor

gardening ideas modern hearth elegant plant container

Fancy round open hearth will attract attention

modern garden cool fireplace round design

Decorate the small swimming pool with plants

modern garden small swimming pool plant pavement path


On modern garden must be lit appropriately. The garden lighting can and must completely transform the mood in the outdoor area. The creative solutions that combine lighting and sculpture are becoming increasingly popular.

Make for a dreamlike appearance of the garden at night

gardening ideas garden light decorate

Treat your garden like an interior: think of the ambient light and the brightening of the individual zones. Also, the lighting inside the house and the outside visible zones must correspond well with each other. Thus, you also contribute to the general harmonic appearance of which was already mentioned at the beginning.

 The individual areas illuminate

gardening ideas cool garden lighting plants

At night the garden should be well lit.

gardening ideas garden lighting ideas dining area

Place comfortable furniture around the swimming pool

modern garden swimming pool waterfall cool garden furniture

These flamingos are beautiful garden sculptures

modern garden great garden sculptures gardening pebbles