Maritime decoration – here are the current ideas

Summer is associated with the sea, the sun and the beach. This is not different in the places where you do not have all these natural conditions. Again, a symbol associated with the beach and the sea, are the treasures found in the beautiful white sands of the coasts.

Above all, you can easily scoop yourself under your feet during your next vacation. This decoration from the sea looks good, even if you just leave it there and enjoy. But it can also be offered in many other forms and achieve a wonderful, artful effect.

Meaningful simplicity from the sea

maritime decoration fishing net starfish sea finds

maritime decoration necklaces starfish shell snail

From this summer concept for maritime decoration you can then probably keep one or the other item for the winter. It serves as a touch of nostalgia and also as a hope for the next summer beach days, which come back soon.

An image of mussel shells "painting"

We deliberately do not catch the homemade jewelry that you can make out of shell shells. This option is so popular that most people consider it the only one. The possibilities, however, go far beyond that.

How about a cute seahorse made of shells?

maritime decor canvas seahorse shells

The maritime decoration we are going to start with today are the pictures that you could make out of the small shell shells.

You do not need so much. First, you need a frame and fabric. Make a small canvas out of it. If necessary, you could also delete them to create a colorful background.

Now draw with a pencil the figures and the lines, which you want to follow during the composition of the picture. Then you could cover the various pictures and figures with the appropriate shells and other treasures from the beach.

It is very easy

maritime decor canvas preparation

You are almost done with your artwork.

A chain

Now we come to the homemade decoration-sea-jewelry. With a nail or other suitable object you can drill holes in the shells and then attach them to a chain.

A little effort and a bit of hand skills are enough

maritime decoration diy idea seashells starfish

Keep in mind, however, that these necklaces and jewelry pieces are not just for you as accessories.

They can also be wonderfully used as house decoration in certain places in the home

maritime decoration chain garland jewelry seashells starfish

Candles and table decoration

Decoration with marine motifs as theme is also quite suitable for the table design. The first way you can realize these are the DIY candle holders. Melt the wax so that it takes the shape of the shells.

For a noble champagne breakfast you can imagine no better idea

maritime decoration diy tealights wind lights candle wax

Store luxury and other accessories in it

You always have these accessories that you simply leave lying on the cupboard or on the shelf. It could be a chain or a clock. They can be beautifully presented in a shell.

So they are right in front of your eyes and at the same time contribute to the decoration in a wonderful way

maritime decor diy bowls shells

Spice up other decorative items

The shellfish ideas are endless. Because they fit wonderfully to various fabrics and textures. You can also spice up other existing items. This could be about the picture frames or you can make a wreath with shells. Just let your imagination run free and decorate your home this summer with deco from the sea!

Natural materials and imaginative DIY idea

maritime decoration diy türkranz branches meeresfunde

Simple picture tutorial for a chic, maritime door wreath

maritime decoration diy idea guide wall wreath

Decorate your favorite letters with colorful sea finds

maritime decoration letters sea finds snails shells

Bigger shells are just perfect for fruit bowls

Maritime decor diy summer decoration fruit bowl seashell

Richly decorated cloth box

Maritime decor diy cloth box shells snails

Subtle maritime decoration

maritime decoration braided baskets lid decoration shells

Are you more the collector type?

maritime decoration sea finds collection collection

Holiday memories with decoration from the sea

maritime decoration seashell decoration diy picture frame

Sea finds are also quite suitable for a romantic wedding decoration

maritime decoration seashells wedding decoration

Just fill a braided shell with shells and snails

maritime decoration seashells snails living room