Stretch cover for sofa – traditional couch and sofa covers

Stretch cover for sofa beige brown

Removable stretch covers and covers for upholstered furniture


Determine the style that suits you best

For a usual, comfortable look (Schabbychic) ​​choose a soft cover. For a tailor-made, simple silhouette, opt for a customized cover made of stretch material.

Choose the perfect size

It is best to measure the length, depth and height, as well as the size of the throw pillows and seats.

Stretch cover for sofa

Stretch cover wall mirror sofa dramatically living room

Cover the sofa correctly

Sprinkle it with water and put it in the dryer to unfold it. Take it out when it is almost dry and put it tightly and tightly back on the couch with fingers or a wooden spoon.

Clean it carefully

Follow the care label. You certainly do not want to damage the strech cover, so be careful.

Neutral color scheme in the living room

Stretch cover traditional sofa beige color curtainsSmall sofa in traditional style

Stretch cover sofa beige smooth backrest window curtains

velvet upholstery  for small sofaStretch cover sofa dark brown tradition paintings

Delicate feminine color

Stretch cover sofa feminine colors pink purple

Gray sofa covers

Stretch cover for sofa gray small arch lamp floor lamp

Monochromatic shades look comfortable in the living room

Stretch cover pillow tablecloth curtains for sofa light brown

Fresh light green as a stretch cover

Stretch cover sofa bright green fresh current

Dark feminine purple color

Stretch cover for sofa boldly saturated

Removable velvet cover

Stretch cover side table Sofa purple velvet

Living room couch with three places

Stretch cover carpet sofa velvet brown mirror wall window

Light brown and dark brown color combination

Stretch cover flower vase Sofa traditional look

Conventional living room furniture with chromatic colors

Stretch cover for sofa living room coffee table

Corner sofa with many seats

Stretch cover for sofa living room deco items

Living room sofa finished with white cover and Moroccan throw pillow

Stretch cover sofa throw pillow decoration