Plant pineapple – plant a small pineapple in a flowerpot

Pineapple nanus-dwarf-pineapple-plant

Beautiful decoration ideas with plants for the home - plant pineapple

Have you ever thought of pineapple or deco? Do you think the idea is good? If so, then you should also consider this when designing your outdoor area.

Mini pineapple plant

pineapple plants mini beautiful deco ideas

When can a pineapple plant be cared for at home?

You can do any at home pineapple plants planting, but it is very important that the plant is still young. One variety, the dwarf pineapple, can be cultivated at home throughout the year and over a longer period. This pineapple variety does not reach more than 40 cm in height. One of the major factors on which the development depends on the pineapple plant is the strong light. This would have to be there for at least 4 hours a day. That's why the pineapple should be planted next to the window. If she does not get enough light, you should transfer the plant to the balcony.

In a great flower pot, the pineapple plant can play the role of gorgeous decoration

tinker beautiful deco ideas pineapple flower pot

Decorate the home with attractive indoor plants such as the pineapple plant

beautiful decoide houseplant pineapple decorative


The temperature in the room must also be regulated. In summer it must be over 20 degrees and in winter it must not be below 15 degrees. The fluctuations are rather harmful and should be avoided for this reason.

Dwarf pineapple in pink

pineapple plant dwarf pineapple pink

Dwarf pineapple plants and their fertilization

The dwarf pineapple requires plenty of fertilized soil so that it can develop very well. It would be best to use even amounts of peat, sand, common soil and natural fertilizer. The soil thus created must not be plugged in. It must easily let in the moisture during drainage. The soil must be fertilized every two weeks.

The dwarf pineapple in the flowerpot is a wonderful home decoration

beautiful deco mini pineapple plant

to water

After you have planted the decorative pineapple, you must now water the plant. You always have to take lukewarm water. But you must not water your pineapple plant too often. During flowering, pour only some water into the saucer from the flower container.

Such a houseplant can cause a sensation

pineapple plants decorate beautiful deco ideas at home

Take a look at these from near!

beautiful decoides indoor plants pineapple

How does it look like? Would you like to decide on pineapple plants as decoration?

The pineapple plant is beautiful and interesting! It can by your presence spice up the interior or the exterior

pineapple plants beautiful flower deco ideas

Pineapple plants in beautiful flowerpots

beautiful deco ideas pineapple plants white flowerpots