Creative decoration ideas – 12 examples of stylish decoration

creative decoration ideas mini garden orangerien

Creative decoration ideas to imitate

Spring is upon us and you are already wondering how to decorate your garden or patio this year. Of course we have a few creative decoration ideas ready for you. They are characterized by naturalness and sustainability. Many of them are from used objects and old materials.

Old chairs and window frames serve as building material for original flower pots or DIY wall mirrors. Cloth scraps, colorful glasses and old doors - they all deserve a second chance. Look at each item in peace before throwing it away. In this way, you are doing good for nature while creating an original atmosphere around you.

Wooden boxes become beautiful plant containers or mini gardens like these below

creative deco ideas old wooden boxes planters

Creative decoration ideas are always very welcome. Take a look at our 12 examples of sustainable decoration and stay creative. Have fun decorating!

Idyll in the mountains

creative decoration ideas old wood dining table

DIY flower stand with stars

creative decoration ideas floral stand old chair white

Shabby chic with white orchids

creative deco ideas old window mirror

Flowerpot decoration in style

original deco flowers flowerpot decoration fabric

Fantasy worlds in glass sphere

original deco ideas glass sphere minigarts

Fragile beauty in green

original deco ideas green glass pendant

Hanging flowers

original deco ideas hanging flowerpots

Rural coziness

original deco decoration courtyard rustic

Majestically of stones

original deco ideas stone armchair

Romantic in the garden

original deco ideas vintage round coffee table rattan chairs