Swedish-style garden house -Create a themed garden corner!

Garden house in the Swedish style plant yellow

A touch of fresh from Sweden

If you have spent your summer vacation in Sweden at least once, you will certainly remember the blue sky, the clouds, the tall grass and the garden sheds with their cozy porch. The dreams are beautiful, but why not try to set up your home or garden in Swedish style?

Pippi Longstocking and Karlsson on the roof ... do you remember these heroes? Most of us associate Sweden with Astrid Lindgren. Many of her stories describe natural environments in southern Sweden where the writer spent her childhood. Do you want to transfer a bit of this natural beauty to your garden?

Garden house in the Swedish style

Garden house in the Sweden style plant species

The red is always in fashion

The first thing that strikes us when we travel through Sweden is the specific dark red color. Here you can see it everywhere - red houses, garden fences, pieces of furniture. That's why red is a must if you want to imitate Swedish coloring. Refresh the wooden fence or terrace with this shade of color. For more freshness, add white details.

The veranda with the white walls can also turn you into a beautiful relaxing corner in the Swedish style. The furniture and the accessories you choose according to the following rule "simple but tasteful". Put on the natural materials like wood and linen. Decorate the garden chairs with throw pillows and covers. Very thematic and suitable here are the outdoor rattan furniture and the functional garden bench. The essence is an uncomplicated design, clean lines and natural appearance.

Compact red garden house

Garden house in swedish style folding chairs

Schichheit and ease

The Swedish garden design is simple and naturally created. In the flowerbed you will find plant species that are as related as possible to the forest and meadow plants. Pink, red and white zinnias, chrysanthemums and petunia thrive in pots and planters. Lacquered vessels or wooden chests with lush green still belong to the Swedish style.

- The main feature of the Swedish style is the objectivity. Put freshly picked meadow flowers on the table! Fishing nets and shells will remind you of the sea ..

- cozy wooden veranda, where you can relax by enjoying the natural environment - something very typical for Sweden.

- Combine white and dark red - this color combination is very refreshing.

Typical design

Garden house in sweden style chair flowers

Great walk to the entrance

Garden house in the Swedish style garden path

Enjoy lunch outdoors

Garden house in the Swedish style dining table patio

Long grass

Garden house in the Swedish style garden design

The backyard of the Swedish garden  Landscape garden house in the Swedish style

Design a small veranda thematically

Garden house sweden style high grass veranda

Organize outdoor party in the Swedish garden

Garden house Sweden style party garden

Loving door design painted again in dark red    Garden house sweden style door wood dark red

Aromatic flowers in the garden

Garden house white flowers Sweden style lush foliage

Water garden in the Swedish style

Garden house in the Swedish style water garden

Garden tools and accessories

Garden house in the Swedish style tools red

Meadow plants and flowers

Garden house in the Swedish style meadows