Design your own coffee cup to suit your mood

Coffee cup to paint yourself in love love wedding

How to give your coffee mug a very special character

 The techniques with which you can make your own cup are very different and varied. You can locate them on the internet and learn them by simply watching videos.

But through this article we want to help you in the more difficult part.

We would like to teach you to develop your own creativity. This works especially by looking at many great examples.

The trends

There are always new trends in cup design, as in everything else. It would certainly be helpful to be familiar with them. So while designing your own cups, you could make your home look even more chic and modern.

Paint tiny, cute animals on it

Coffee cup itself painted funny animals

Romance and fright

The romantic cups are currently very in. For more and more the importance of the open expression of love is emphasized. One gives oneself courage to it also by the application of special cups.

At the same time you want to look at your own fears in the face. This can certainly be achieved by drinking coffee through a matching mug on the subject. What is more important to you at the moment? It is best that you have some of both.

Unusual, funny characters for a good mood

Coffee cup painted itself fun gestellte


Some couples want to express in their every aspect of their lives that they see themselves as part of a unity. This can also be achieved through the cups that you design yourself.

Surprise in the cup or surprise for the others

Also, the interesting inscriptions or surprising objects in the cup are becoming more popular every day. So you can wake up early in the morning with a new dose of humor.

Conceive loving sayings

Coffee cup itself label great sayings


If you make new cups yourself, you could also think of your favorite animals. So you could have them with you at least once a day.

Or are you more into flowers?

Just a few strokes are enough to make funny little mouths

Coffee cup painted by itself funny pillar

Paint stylish animals

coffee cup painted animals themselves

A little color and the right brush

coffee cup custom design colors brush

Filigree, colorful pattern

Coffee cup itself painted filigree pattern

Or coarser, geometric figures

coffee cup painted by itself geometric figures

Refined in black and white

Coffee cup yourself paint graphic pattern

A great couple

coffee cup painted man woman

If you like retro style

coffee cup painted by itself retro spotted gold

Very easy with glitter

Coffee cup decorate itself glitter

Gold-shining powder is also a smart and successful idea

coffee cup design yourself gold glitter

Abstract decoration with nail polish

coffee mug make your own nail polish water

Paint on it with porcelain paints

Coffee cup itself paint colors flowers