30 cool, eclectic interior ideas – inspirational decoration

30 wonderful, eclectic interior ideas - cool deco

attractive interior eclectic style living room wood

You're probably wondering what eclectic style means. The answer is pretty simple. It's a mix of everything. In interior design, this means that in the same room really old and classic furniture could be placed near minimalist or modern furnishing and futuristic objects.

Colors and textures are also blended because eclectic style allows bold combination of diverse elements. Of course, all elements of the interior should get on well together. Eclectic interiors are usually quite individualized and creatively designed, so think of the design of your home in that style. Have fun !

Mix of modern and classic furniture

aristocratic idea design decoration elektisch

Simple, colorful chairs in the dining room in a retro stylecolorful chairs acrylic glass idea design decoration elektisch

Stylish combination of colors and textures

Effective extravagant mix of electric style living room

Fabulous, eclectic decor - deco ideasEclectic interior ideas colors decoration

Modern, green plastic chairs - remarkable element

eclectic interior ideas colors curtains acrylic chair

Remarkable, light green wooden door - eclectic styleeclectic interior ideas colors curtains green

  Modern kitchen island, kitchen block in a retro roomEclectic decoration ideas colors geometric shapesReally original combination - luxurious, eclectic style eclectic decoration ideas colors leather armchair lampionInspiring food area - classic, yellow leather chairs
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Eclectic style ideas decoration design interior mix eclectic lifestyle deco cool idea modern mixture classic eclectic lifestyle deco cool modern mix classic wooden table simple chandelier aristocratic interior minimalist modern combination blend idea design eclectic mixture colors fabrics textures furniture style eclectic retro style furniture modern interior mix elektisch eclectic style wood acrylic acrylic materials mix