Making shoes yourself – clever DIY ideas for your summer shoes

Do you find your summer shoes a bit boring? Do you want something new? Yes, of course, there are so many shoe designs available on the market. But if you do not want to part with your old sandals or ballerinas, we have some clever DIY ideas that you can definitely benefit from. You need simple tools and a few decorative items that you can easily find in your craft shop. But above all, you need a bit of imagination and hand skills to successfully complete your shoe project.

How to make shoes yourself

shoes themselves make sandals leather tassels

Let's start with the first idea. As you have already seen above, this is about chic leather tassels that you can make yourself. Here you will find the instructions from Infamous. A pair of scissors, glue and pieces of leather are the only things you'll need to make.

Effective ballerinas in black lacquer

shoes themselves make black lacquer silver chain

If you want to spice up your black lacquer ballerinas properly, then putting silver necklaces would be a great way to do that. Look at the picture guide below. The necessary materials in this case are again scissors and glue, brushes, the desired chains and a thin strip of leather. As an addition, you can also add rhinestones, depending on how far you want to go.

For a subtle retro look, get yourself a gold-colored spray and with the help of paper stencils decorate your leather shoes with chic shiny hearts. Of course, you can improvise and take silver or copper instead of gold. It is completely up to you.

Little effort and big impact

shoes make yourself pointed flat retro design gold

Refresh your summer shoes with delicate tassels!

shoes self-made flat summer shoes striped tassels

It goes on quite simply. For this clever idea below, you only need one fabric color of your choice and tape. Just let the shoes dry out completely for about 24 hours after applying the paint.

It's that easy

shoes make gray black adhesive tape

Adhesive tape variation with gold-colored spray

shoes themselves make tape golden spray

If you have shoes like these below, a neon pen is just what you need

shoes make themselves ballerinas gray embroidery neon color

Beautify your patent ballerinas with rivets to your taste. Depending on the outfit you can use golden, silver, copper or colored rivets. The fastening is very easy and fast to pull through. Just go!

Few materials - great result

shoes themselves make lacquer black rivets

Glittering brooches are great for shoe decoration

shoes themselves make sandals brooches

Something luxurious continues with these elegant black summer shoes down below. Here you can only do wonders with a piece of golden lace, a few rhinestones, glue and pencil. Only in a few steps you get a pair of new shoes that fascinate with pomp and glamor.

Combine with a chic women's bag and be proud of your creation

shoes themselves make black ballerinas golden point glittering stones

All these ideas for your shoe decoration are of course only hints that you can take as a basis. These can be extended or completely changed. Use our practical tips as inspiration and create your very own summer shoes yourself. Good luck!

Thin white mesh will make your white ballerinas even more delicate

shoes themselves make white ballerinas

Timeless, dotted shoe design for true connoisseurs

shoes make dotted white ballerinas