33 current and creative ideas for school bags

Finally the school starts! The first elementary school children cheer, stand in fancy dresses and hold the creative school bags firmly on their arms. The first day of school is a very special day for millions of children in Germany. Choosing the perfect school bag is a must for all parents nowadays. That's why we want to share our many ideas and helpful tips with you.

The first day of school is a unique experience that will stay in your memory forever


Schultüten or sugar packets called, are an old tradition in Germany, which looks back on a long history. Its beginning is back in time, but since the 18th century, the sugar bag is a very important part of the first day of school. The little ones used to have different creative bags together with their parents for the first time.

Tinkered school day.

Nowadays, there is an enormous choice of fine board materials that can always be reshaped and finished in different colors. You also have the opportunity to make the school bag for your little treasure yourself, because the procedure of this DIY project needs no prior knowledge. First of all, discuss the main idea, motifs and textures for the school bag with your child. If your child does not have a clear idea, then we have some tips for you.

The main idea of ​​the sugar bag naturally depends on the sex of the child. In recent years, motifs from various children's films have become particularly popular for decorating the bag. If your child has a favorite movie or favorite actor, the kid might have a great idea for his school bag. Very often the girls do not want any textures or cool colors, but a decoration with dolls, roses and even mermaids.

Design the school bag according to the individual taste of your child

ingenious-school-bag deco

These motives become a real eye-catcher in the schoolyard with a combination of 2 to 3 different fine cartons. In contrast to the girls, the boys are mostly more interested in the content of the school bag and not in the creative design. For the boys, you can choose themes with cars and heroes from their favorite movies such as "Star Wars," "Ninjago," or "Lego Movie." Suggest some ideas to your child and decide on a feasible project.

The material list does not include many things. Very important is a long fine box. Obtain 2-3 pieces of different color from it. The fine board should be cut very precisely with a pair of scissors into a four-circle circle. For a sturdy school bag, you need 2 boxes of this shape, so you can put more things and sweets in your bag. For the inside and outside you can choose different colors.

The design should be creative and unique


Our editors have summarized the most popular school bags in the following picture gallery. So be inspired!

 The football authorities are also a good choice for the decoration


cool and beautiful school bag

creative-schultüte minions-schultüte

Beginning of school ingenious school bag

batman-schultüte  cars-schultüte-ideas cool-schultüte cool-schultüte-tips cool and beautiful school bag dino-schultüte football-schultüte yellow-schultüte

creative-schultüte-auto minion-schultüte  Doll schultüte-tinker Doll schultüte-ideas robot-schultüte schultüte-basteln- schoolday-cool and creative schultüte-deco-ideas schultüte-ideas schultüte-creative-deco

schultüte-tips see-schultüte itself-tinker-schultüte super-mario-schultüte

female-schultüte reuse-of-schultüte