Interior decoration with maps – 25 ideas for self-design

Interior decoration maps cabinet design idea

Interior decoration with maps - chest of drawers with imprint

Did you enjoy geography lessons at school? That being the case, you can now express this with your interior design. Some of your furniture and decorations can be refreshed with maps to emphasize your preference for geography. The process is similar to covering furniture with wallpaper because maps are pretty much the same.

In addition, one can find in several shops various articles with map-imprints. Take a look at these examples and get inspired for your interior decoration with maps.

Chimney-piece as decoration with letters and sailing-ship

Map interior decor design idea

Historic map on your living room commode

Dresser maps Decor Idea Home

Treasure chest printed with historical map

small casket interior decoration maps decor

Table decoration printed with maps

make small items home decoration idea at home

Heart shaped decoration frame with maps

Small frame hearts maps decor design

Wooden chair with special pattern for various rooms

Chair Maps Decor Design Your Home

 Interior decoration with maps - wooden chair and dresser with red decoration

Chest of drawers red maps design idea

A green lamp on the bedside table

Cool maps idea green lamp design

Fancy lampshades as interior

Map Decor lamp Bedroom Living room

Butterfly pattern in a wooden frame

little butterflies decor design map idea

Map of the earth as a decoration

Maps Decoration Fireplace Living room Home interior decoration with maps

A city map on the lampshade

Interior decoration with maps City map decoration lamp living room table

Extravagant desk in sky blue

Dresser bedroom decoration mirror workplace

Workplace idea for your bedroom or your living room

Great historic dresser maps decor Rahme city map map decor design Do Decorations Maps Letter Small plate of maps decor design table boxes interior decoration maps make decor yourself Great dresser maps decor design Bowl Map Decor Living Room Table make yourself maps decor design home small beautiful flowers flowerpot maps Maps small table design idea Dresser Map Decor City Map Idea