The flowers Symbolism at a glance – get to know the flowers better


symbolism flowers purple crocus garden plants

Do you know the flowers symbolism?

If we choose flowers for our home, we should, among other things, be guided by their symbolism. This is especially true in cases when they should have a decorative value. If they have to be chosen for a particular festival, then this is even more important.

Beautiful azalea in the plant pot

flowers symbolism azalea beautiful deco ideas

 Gentle storkbill flowers in light purple

purple storkbeaks beautiful garden deco ideas

A bouquet of yellow roses and white daisies

symbolism flowers yellow roses white daisies

Fresh tulips

Tulips of different colors vase

We have a small directory with the most purchased flowers and the symbolism behind it, specially made for you. We would like to point out to you that for the interpretation of the Flowers symbolism have searched international sources. Some flowers have an important meaning in one country and not so much in other places. We have put together the strongest and most convincing interpretations from our point of view.

Combine different flowers in a bouquet

symbolism flowers bouquet glassy vase

Iris in blue

iris flower blue garden plants

White Lily

lilies white beautiful flowers bouquets

Azaleas (Azalea) – Just in time for Valentine’s Day you should know that this flower stands for passion and hot temper.

Azallee flowers in white-pink

flowers symbolism white azaleas plants

 Azals in a crimson color

flowers symbolism azaleas pink passion

A fitting gift could be that

flowers symbolism azaleas pot gift

Asters – These flowers could also be given to a romantic feast. They are also used to express faith that happiness will last for a long time. Because these flowers are also the symbol of longevity.

Blue asters

blue asters beautiful deco ideas gift ideas

The asters exist in different shades

flowers symbolics asters purple pink luck

The fascinating flowers of the aster

beautiful asters flowers meaning pink

Begonia (Begonia) – The symbolism indicates the long life and health. Understanding in the family is added to the meaning.

Orange begonias

begonia meaning health orange beautiful deco ideas

Begonias in flowerpot

begonia plant meaning pot gift ideas

Yellow begonia

flowers symbolism begonia long life yellow

Peonies – The peonies symbolize long life and prosperity. In long relationships, they are great because as flowers they carry the symbolism of family happiness.

White peony

white peonies beautiful deco flowers

Gentle pink nuances

light pink peony flower meaning deco ideas

Red peony

red peony flower meaning long life

Gerber (tanner) – If you give these flowers to a person, it is a wish that he gets a lot of love in life and that he succeeds a lot.

Beautiful tanner

gerber vase bouquet gift deco ideas

The dahlias (dahlia) – The symbolism of the dahlia is very clear. It stands for elegance and self-confidence.

An impressive flower has the dahlia

flowers meaning dahlia purple blossom

The gladioli (gladiolus) – Are you opening a new company or organization? Is it about the decoration of a room or a building in which people gather, who like to open their pockets for good ideas? If so, you should fill this room with gladioli.

Gladioli in pink

flowers meaning gladiolas pink

Jasmine (jasmine) – the symbolism of these flowers is very closely related to the courtesy of a marriage. If you want to promote your family happiness through this property, then you should definitely integrate a lot of jasmine in your interior design.

The jasmine is a particularly gentle flower, do not you think?

flowers symbolism jasmine white flowers

One should know the meaning of the flower that one gives

jasmine white deco ideas flower meaning

White flowers and yellow stamens

jasmine plant white beautiful flowers meaning

Storkbills (geranium) – do you know this delicate plant? In many cultures, it is believed that their presence in the garden also provides longevity and health.

Flowers in beautiful color combination

storkbills blue white flowers meaning

Purple stork beak

flowers symbolism storkbills purple beautiful deco ideas

Beautiful pink shades

flowers symbolism storks flower rosanuancen

 Cranesbill in flowerpot

storkbill i flowerpot flower meaning

Hyacinths (hyacinth) – The symbolism of these flowers is associated with the desire for joy and health. People who do sports are encouraged by their energy.

Hyacinths in purple

flowers symbolism hyacinths purple beautiful deco ideas

Colored hyacinths

hyacinths flowers colored beautiful fresh garden flowers

Iris – Are you or someone from your close circle of friends in a difficult life situation? Give yourself or this person Iris. The floral symbolism behind it is associated with hope, faith and wisdom.

The beauty of the iris blossom

flowers symbolism iris hope faith wisdom

 Iris in purple

iris purple flowers meaning garden plants

Primroses – These beautiful flowers protect you from bad thoughts, depending on your beliefs.

Orange primroses

orange primrose flowers meaning plant

Yellow primroses

yellow primroses beautiful flowers garden plants

Primroses in bright pink shades

gently pink lightly garden gardening

White primroses with yellow spots

primrose flowers meaning white beautiful

Carnation – Are you looking for a bouquet for a man? Then have the carnations Flowers symbolism, which will be quite suitable for your case. It stands for courage, daring and passion.

Red carnations

flowers symbolic carnations red plant

Carnations in wonderful lilac shades

purple carnation flower meaning garden plant

Cacti (cactus) – More stamina and patience is required? Then you should have more cacti! It is no coincidence that many of them are found in office buildings!

Cactus as a zimerpflanze

flowers meaning cactus houseplant deco ideas

Cacti species

flowers meaning cactus species brown pots

Camellia (Camellia) – Clearly, these flowers have been filled with symbolism for lovers. They stand for admiration and beauty.

White camellia with water drops

flowers symbolism camellia white beautiful deco ideas

Camellia in pink

Camellia pink flowers meaning deco ideas

What kind of color does this blossom have!

flower symbolism camellia flower white red

Tulip (tulip) – The Flowers symbolism in this case, love and joy.

Tulip in cool shading!

tulip purple raindrop garden plants

Fresh yellow tulips

yellow tulips bouquet gift ideas deco ideas

Tulips in purple-white

flower symbolism tulip purple white garden plant

 Red tulips

red tulips garden plants flowers meaning

A wonderful combination of tuples

beautiful tulips colored fresh plants garden

Lily (lily) – in all Christian countries, the symbolism of these flowers is associated with chastity.

White Lily

white lily garden plant flowers meaning

Orange lily

orange lilies flowers gardening

Lilies in yellow

yellow lilies flowers meaning garden plants

Nasturtium – Do you want to successfully finish a fishing unit? Then you will find the appropriate symbolism in the nasturtium.

Flowers in beautiful saturated shades

flowers symbolics kapuzinerkressen garden plants

This color combination pleases the eye!

nasturtium red yellow flowers meaning

Sharp buttercup – Do you want more wealth in your life?

The sharp buttercup carries this symbolism with it

flowers symbolism buttercups yellow garden plants

So take care of his abundant presence in your garden

symbolism flowers yellow ranunculus deco ideas

Daisies (daisy) – as girly as the appearance of the daisies are their appearance and the symbolism of these plants. They stand for innocence, purity, for impeccable lifestyle.

A sweet blossom has this flower!

symbolism flowers daisies plant

Bouquet of white and yellow daisies

beautiful bouquet of daisies white yellow

Daisies in vase

daisy bouquet of yellow vase

Daisies in light purple

symbolism flowers purple daisy plant

Lilies of the valley – Similar, almost all in all respects are the lilies of the valley. They symbolize innocence, intelligence and modesty.

Adorable flowers in white

symbolism flowers lilies of the valley innocence meaning

This is perhaps one of the softest flowers in the world!

symbolism flowers lilies of the valley yellow vessel

Crocus (crocus) – The flowers symbolism in this case it is associated with virtue.

Yellow crocuses

symbolism flowers yellow kroosse plant

Crocuses in white

symbolism flowers white lilacs decoration ideas

Mimosa (mimosa) – They stand for security and self-confidence.

Stunning bloom!

symbolism flowers mimosa pink plants garden

Mimosa in purple

symbolism flowers mimosa beautiful interesting

Narcissus (daffodil) – is there anyone who does not know the symbolism of daffodils? Love, beauty, but very much vanity symbolize these magnificent flowers.

Do you like carnations?

symbolism flowers daffodils mixed eitelkieit

A single carnation flower

symbolism flowers daffodils yellow

Marigolds (calendula) – actually we have to deal here with an unpleasant flower symbol. It is envy and hatred.

Be careful, do not choose marigolds and do not give them away!

marigold orange plant flowers meaning

Forget-me-not (myosotis) – Even the name alone, but also the symbolism say a lot.

These flowers represent loyalty and true love

forget-me-not blue loyalty interpretation plants

Orchids (orchid) – do you want to express respect? If so, then give away orchids! In addition, the flowers are known by their symbolism as an expression of elegance.

Light pink orchids

flowers meaning orchid elegance symbolism

Orchids in orange

flowers meaning orchid garden plants

A bouquet of orchids in such a shade could be especially stylish

orchid dark red express respect

Petunias (petunia) – Do you want to express without words that you are offended by someone? If so, give this person a bouquet of petunia.

Petunia with great coloring of the flower

Petunia meaning to plant purple garden

Petunia in pink

petunia lilac flowers meaning planting

Rose (rose) – do you know the symbolism of roses? Here is a special interpretation of the colors. In pink, they stand for youthful feelings of love, the red indicate the passionate love. The white rose represents innocence, purity and care. Give away yellow roses to friends.

Bouquet of roses in pink

roses meaning pink color bouquet

Red roses express hot love

symbolism flowers red roses hot love

Roses in yellow

meaning roses yellow rose sybolik

Cornflower – As a plant in your yard, it is very suitable.

The symbolism of the flower is devotion and justice

cornflower blue blossom flowers meaning

The violets (viola) – The violets should then choose if you believe that happiness goes beyond modesty.

Violets in purple

purple violet flowers meaning plant

Purple and yellow violets

violet meaning yellow purple plants

Fresie (freesia) – These flowers stand for trust and beauty.

Fresien in a glass vase

symbolism flowers fresie vase glass

The fresia are beautiful flowers

flowers symbolics fresien colored fresh bouquet


meaning fresie beauty purple blossom

Chrysanthemum (chrysanthemum) – these flowers symbolize friendship and good nature. If the mood needs to be romantic then this is certainly a wonderful choice. The white chrysanthemum also brings the feeling of peace with it.

Chrysanthemum in pink shades

flowers meaning chrysanthemum beautiful rosanuancen

Cyclamen (cyclamen) – these flowers represent the true and faithful friendship.

Cyclamen in pink could be a great decoration in your home

pink cyclamen beutiful meaning plant

Red cyclamen

cyclamen red flowers meaning plant

Flowers and the symbolism of colors

At the end, we also want to address this aspect. Because the flowers symbolism is also very often interpreted by the colors. Pink stands for romance and love, red – for love and passion, yellow – for sun, warmth and joy, orange – for pride, green – for worship and hope, blue – for loyalty, purple for friendship!

The color versatility of roses

flowers symbolism roses colors meaning

A color contrast that also represents a contrast in meaning

rose white red meaning symbolism

Now you will certainly pick the bouquet for the next event or family reunion, right?