Make Valentine’s Day Gift by yourself – original ideas

Make Valentine's Day Gift - Great Ideas

valentine's day ideas ideas picture frame

A simple wooden frame, decorated with a few heart shapes, shows an unforgettable love quote. With a word processor, you can print a love quote in red that fits in the wooden frame. Download our free sample quote: "Love without reason lasts the longest", or find more love statements.

Make favorite soda or beer even more special

Valentine's Day Gift Pack Beer Idea

Make your favorite soda or beer even more special - in just a few steps. Wrap a piece of bright red scrapbook paper around the box. Fold a piece of cardboard to cover the handle and cut the opening.

Original idea for decorative pillows for Valentine's Day

valentine's pillow gift ideas

Personalize a pillow according to our beautiful pattern that spells out the word "love" with a heart.

Give yourself coupons

valentines coupons gift

Sometimes a gesture of love means more than a hundred roses, so give the gift in February this year. You can download our coupons for free.

stamp the bag with a nice picture

valentine's day ornament bag gift

Create a memorable atmosphere for you and your loved ones for Valentine's Day, give it a unique card to illustrate your 10 reasons and describe why you love it. Stamp the bag with a pretty picture and fix it anywhere so that it immediately catches your eye. So you will complete your gift.

Romantic vase with flowers on holiday

valentines vase gift idea

Fill a simple cylinder vase with beautiful flowers and wrap the vase with a piece of burlap. A strip of burlap wide is enough to wrap around the cylinder and pipe the top and bottom edges and ends of the canvas with double-sided tape. Peel off the backing from the double-sided tape and attach the sackcloth strip to the vase. Cover the top and bottom edges of the canvas with thin velvet tape, fastening with textile glue.

 Pack heart-shaped pink sugar cookies

valentine's day gift cookie

 Canned mint dragees with a classic appearance

Valentine's day dragees peppermint cans gift

 Love letter - romantic gift

valentine's day love letter gift idea

 A teapot with flowers

Valentine's teapot gift idea

 Happy, round picture frames

valentine's day gift picture frame

 Special box of chocolates

valentine's day candy box gift idea

 Glasses full of wonderful gifts

valentine glass gift idea

  Paper bag - romantic look

valentine's paper bag gift


Make Valentine's Day Gift by yourself - original ideas

 Small decorative picture frame

valentines day gift picture frame background black

 Monogram cookies gift

Valentine's Day cookies monogram gift

 A wine bottle as a gift for Valentine's Day

valentines day idea gift wine bottle

 Love quote on an apron - suitable gift

valentines apron gift idea

 Thematic t-shirts for Valentine's Day for the two Valentine's Day t-shirts idea gift

  Card box full of gifts

Valentine's day box gift

 Thematic Flowerpot - Valentine's Day Gift

Valentine's day flowerpot gift special

  Romantic picture frame for your lover

valentine's day picture frame gift