Dekoelemente of – The 90s in your living room

beautiful gerber flowers gray hintegrund flower vases ceramic

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Inline skates, the Discman, mobile phones and the spread of the World Wide Web, the revival of platform shoes and bell bottoms, hip-hop, eurodance and boy bands, five-digit postal codes or the end of the Kohl era - all this and much more were the '90s. As in the decades before, the 90s were characterized by specific living and furnishing trends as well as their own artistic tendencies.

Furniture, colors and accessories - the living style of the 90s

Built-in wardrobe made of wood classic furnishing idea deco-elements of kunsthaus

Inviting, creative and comfortable - this is the style of living in the 90s. The neon colors and colorful 80's sofas and rugs were replaced by friendly, yet subtle colors and chic patterns. Large and heavy built-in furniture made of light wood, furniture in antique look and the country house style were among the dominant living trends. Especially this was also combined with rustic iron or chrome furniture in black.

One of the most important colors of the 90s was blue

Blue sofa with colorful pillows and coffee table decorations

Whether as a wall paint or in decorative items and accessories, blue was represented everywhere and was often supplemented by a strong red or yellow. Clear lines and shapes characterized the modern living ambience.

Matching art and decorations

Kitchen design deco elements by

The art of the 90s is characterized by socially critical forms of expression as well as the use of digital media and multimedia presentations. The numerous art exhibitions, such as the documenta IX and X or the sensation of the artist group Young British Artists, had a special influence. In addition to their representatives such as Damien Hirst or Sarah Lucas made the particular Austrian artist Peter Kogler talk.

Another particular trend was minimalism

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 True to the motto "less is more" were the works of various artists. This principle also applied to the interior decoration in German living rooms. Predominant colors were here too blue, red and yellow. Otherwise, complexity and individuality were announced. Suitable pictures, sculptures and accessories are for example the Decorative elements by

Vintage decoration - typical of the 90s style of living

deco elements by white vintage decoration

Have the courage to color, set appropriate accents and say yes to clean lines and shapes - so easy you get the 90s back into the living room!

Comfortable armchair in country style

vintage interior design velvet textures pads armchair gray-white decor

Picture "Untitled Head" (1995)

deco elements by old fashioned style art paintings

Picture "The Philosophers II" (1958) by Joan Miró

deco elements of art house artes de old-fashioned style living room

Picture "The Bridge" (1920s)

Decorations of art house artes de old-fashioned style art