Creative wedding cards for the most beautiful day in life

Creative wedding cards make wedding decorations and accessories

Wonderful wedding cards for the most beautiful day in life


Most couples want the wedding to be the most beautiful day of their lives - so everything should be perfect. So that all dear relatives, friends and colleagues appear punctually in the right place, are informative and visually appealing invitation cards necessary.

Creative wedding cards

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The following article will tell you what should be on an invitation card and what other cards are indispensable at a wedding.

Although weddings today often break with tradition, invitations for any wedding are still essential because they contain all the essentials for the celebration.

Whether one decides on the invitation for a more traditional design in a romantic design or for a version in the comic style depends on the taste of the bridal couple - here the etiquette is no longer as stiff as in earlier times and what is allowed like.

Romantic and playful wedding invitations

creative wedding cards font select wedding decoration ideas

Modern and graphic: wedding cards with a difference

creative wedding cards black white wedding decoration ideas

What is missing in any invitation

Regardless of design factors such as color, font, format and image design, every good invitation should answer the 4 W questions:

What is beeing celebrated? - The civil, the church or both weddings together?

When? Note date and time!

Where? Give the place and address of the church and later festival place, because today many guests travel with the help of the navigation system.

Who marries / who invites? (Name of the bride and groom)

Further information:

Dress code

contact details the witness or the wedding planner as a contact person

Reference to one gift table.

The design of the cards

 If the content of the invitations is fixed, the design is the next stage. Many weddings have one certain motto and a Wedding Color - This can also orient the invitations, because then everything is very coherent.

Country style wedding with matching invitation cards

creative wedding cards inspirational wedding decoration ideas

Neo-Baroque style wedding in petrol tones with color-coordinated invitation cards

creative wedding cards and wedding decoration ideas

Maritime invitation cards, harmoniously tuned and noble

creative wedding cards, wedding decoration, ideas, maritime style

Which cards are still needed

It is also important to consider which additional cards are needed: Save the date cards, place cards, menu or menus, church books, thanks, guest books and maybe nameplates For the guests.

Here, too, it makes sense to pick up the same design again and again in order to achieve a visual harmony.

Handwritten menu cards

Creative wedding cards, wedding decoration, ideas menu and table decoration

Name tags as a pendant

creative wedding cards festive table decoration wedding decoration

Purist and playful at the same time comes this thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Wedding Decorations Ideas

Less is more: Modern designed table for the guest book

creative wedding cards make wedding decoration ideas

There are countless ways to make the guestbook aware during a wedding. Here a discarded suitcase helps

Creative wedding cards make yourself wedding decoration retro style

Do it yourself, but do not do it yourself

All of these cards, of course, provided you have the necessary talent, you can design and craft yourself. However, this is often easier said than done, especially with big weddings and the stress associated with planning a wedding. It is much less stressful, all needed Convenient wedding cards on the Internet. If you want to be on the safe side, you can even advance pattern to the respective prints and paper qualities.

Special tools provide a huge variety of templates that can be customized and customized. This gives the cards a very personal touch.

Conclusion: All cards of the wedding should be attuned to each other, to the theme, as well as to the colors of the wedding. Ordering tickets online saves time, which is very precious in the preparation phase of a wedding. There is no need to dispense with individuality as the cards can be designed as you like.