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DIY products made of concrete block

Do you want to see the results of a great and simple terrace conversion? The keyword combination is called "cylinder blocks concrete block". It is one of my favorite DIY projects. The front of my yard had to be converted, but I wanted to do it practical and not very expensive approach.

Before Photos

Concrete products before afterwards

Curious? First, look at the pictures and then I will give explanations! Agreed? See you then!

Concrete block benches

From the beginning I was sure that a bank would be at the center of my project. The question was "only" how to design this successfully. I went to my home depot and picked 16 cylinder blocks and two pieces of wood there. I just had a vague idea of ​​what I wanted. Something has moved me, however, to get additional materials. I was somehow sure that I would need these.

Concrete stone throne seat

At first I created pits in the wood. Then I made the construction of a bank of concrete cylinders. The end result deviates from the original idea. But this was not bad in itself and that's why I first share a few details about her.

The material

throne seat build blocks of concrete blocks

To begin with, I placed two rows of many cylinders on the floor. Then I turned the ends of the pages. Then I attached six blocks to the surface. I have two of them lying across, so that you can place plants in them.

Do you recognize these in the back row and on the second level? In the pictures above you can see the "throne seat" from different perspectives.

Gravel is required

bring gravel into use

I was sure that more plant life had to be achieved at my bank. That's why I placed cylinder blocks on the surface. Pebbles have proved to be perfect for filling the gaps there. Depending on the case, the construction now serves as a block or a kind of conduit. It can prevent water from passing through in certain situations and in others - forwarding it. Below we see Japanese grass and flower pots of different colors.

The plants are refreshing

throne seat build concrete stone plant adornment

Here you can see pebbles on the bottom of the cylinder blocks. It consists of basalt left over from a former backyard landscaping project.

At the bottom of the cylinder blocks

Gravel on the ground

When everything was done, I added four marble blocks. I covered everything with pebbles, then I added some small plants to the niche on both sides of the bank.

Look at the final result of my project, which can be viewed as a throne seat or a sculpture.

The throne seat is ready

throne seat made of concrete stone plants

Here you see the same, but viewed from the front. There is another possibility: Instead of the pillow you can insert a plant on top.

front view

throne seat of concrete stone plant front view

This creates a decorative wall from this concrete structure, which also serves as a plant stand. Thus, one ensures a more appealing appearance.

Cylinder Block Bank

I love the look of the throne seat above. But I also absolutely wanted a structure that will serve as a bank. I was inspired by the ideas from the blog of Kayla, called The Basement.

It is an easily assembled and through little junk and noise feasible idea. I borrowed a lot from the projects there, but wanted to realize them in smaller dimensions. I gave my husband the opportunity to decide on the final design independently of me. Here you can see the accessories I started with.

The necessary accessories

necessary accessories for bank


-          A 2.5-long piece of wood that has been cut in half here. Of course, you could also opt for a longer one as needed.

-          16 individual cylinder blocks

-          3 concrete pieces of stone

-          plants

-          shingle

-          Earth for the flowerpots

Concrete and wood

Concrete blocks and wood for bank

Stages of building up

  1. Stack the cylinder blocks in three of two rows. Make sure that there is the correct distance so that you can position the wooden surface and the stones above it.
  2. Place the two wooden boards through the holes and connect the upper holes of the blocks. The wooden boards may not reach the farthest ends of the holes, but once they are lowered, they should rather be close for the construction to be stable
  3. Stack the paving stones on the board

Give plants to it

Concrete blocks and wood for bank building

Consider some more fun extras. You could add two blocks next to the base. One should point with the opening facing up and the other lying across. In the upper one can insert plants. For this purpose fill the gap with pebbles and a third should be for the plant and the earth. Although you can see it in the picture below difficult, but on both sides you have housed plants.

Almost finished

Concrete block and wood for bank build plants

Do you want to have throw pillows as well? That's certainly a wonderful idea. In my case, the little animals have worried me a bit. That's why I kept the pillows in a closet in the entrance area and removed them as needed. Most of the time this happens when I enjoy a drink outside.

Throw pillows change the look

DIY betonstein bench throw pillow

Do you want to know one of my secrets? Originally, the bank looked different, and although immortalized their former appearance in the image below. This is a great option, but actually I wanted a clearer look. But then I changed my mind and it came to the design above.

Another option

Another option betonstein bank

I am super happy with the final result. But in my eyes, the yard still looks kind of thin.

DIY wall art project for the outdoors

... and that's why I'm in favor of a DIY exterior wall project. I did a research before and during this time I came across the following block: Positively Splendid. There I saw the idea with the rolled moss. I loved her and decided to put her there too. It was about the freshly cut grass filled with metal details.

Moss and sheet metal

DIY wall moss metal sheet

We had sheet metal at home, which was already a big advantage. We have exhibited these like a canvas and attached to it magnetic pieces. One could exchange the superior pictures wonderfully by these constructions. The metal visible on the sides looked like a modern frame. In this case, here we are dealing with a layer of moss on a metal surface.

Scissors comes in use

Moss for DIY wall scissors

I simply measured and cut off the moss and then attached it to a piece of metal. I think that the resulting look is clear and very reassuring!

DIY outdoor wall art

Modern moss and metal DIY wall art

Final touches

Now we come to look at the final results from the project below. I've put trays in containers next to the door. Furthermore, I spiced up the whole thing by a red doormat. I finished it with two small painted flower pots, which were executed in soft blue.


final look wandart bench outdoor

Sometimes the little details make a big difference. Thank you for sharing the joy of this project with me today. As you can see, there is still room for more color in this room. Personally, I will continue today with my DIY marathon. When I'm done with the new ideas about the outdoors, I'll gladly share them with you! I hope you also feel like it!

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outdoor decoration plant