Unusual decorative items – original ideas for your interior

fancy deco petit beurre biscuits

Original ideas for fancy decorative items

Today we present 10 unbelievably original, fancy decorative items, which you can use as inspiration and inspiration when decorating at home. Of course color combinations, symmetry and design play the most important role in decoration, but when it comes to mood and playfulness, one should use a bit of humor.

Unusual decorative items like these are often associated with objects that we all know either from television or the Internet or are classics in another area of ​​life. These items are then taken out of the usual context and used as decoration.

Look at the pillow at the top. Do you know it? It is the well known Petit Beurre biscuit with a very different function than we already know.

The undisputed highlight in our collection fancy decorative items is the bookshelf with face down in the picture. It was called Face Shelving and is not only funny and original, but also very flexible.

Depending on how you place your books or items, you can achieve a different facial expression

fancy deco bookcase face

A cool optical illusion - the bookcases Hole in the Floor

fancy deco original bookcases

An elegant solution for the cables in the apartment

fancy deco decoration cable decoration leaves bird

A cool doormat for real Apple fans

fancy deco gray mat

Omelette wall clock for the modern kitchen with humor

fancy deco wall clock omlett

Original like kitchen glove

unusual deco art like

What could you do with $ 100?

fancy deco article doorstop dollar

How about an oversized sunglasses as a wall mirror?

fancy deco article wall mirror sunglasses

Fancy decorative cushions Ctrl, Alt and Del

fancy deco article throw pillow buttons

We did not promise too much, did we? Unusual decorative items with humor are just great.