Turquoise wall paint – universal and fabulous for your home

wall paint turquoise bedroom wall decal

The wall color turquoise - lively and multi-faceted

The color turquoise is named after the well-known gemstone, reminiscent of the Caribbean, the summer and has a particularly calming effect. That's why the turquoise wall paint is a great choice for any interior and fits in with most interior design styles. Very often, colors are named that are not actually turquoise.

Turquoise is not light blue or Teal, it's not sky blue either. Turquoise is a mixture of light blue and green. Sometimes turquoise has light color casts, such as yellow. This color has a wide range from warm to cold and from strong to pale.

Raw or processed turquoise is simply irresistible

wall color turquoise gemstone chains stones

The color turquoise suits many others. It looks beautiful with citrus tones - especially with lime. Other blue tones are just as appropriate as marine or cobalt blue. With red and turquoise you can achieve a pleasant contrast.

When you combine turquoise with white, you create a unique beach atmosphere and with mustard yellow or violet, the color gives the room a sensual Mexican flair.

If you like a bit more glamor and glamor at home, add a few golden touches here and there, as gold is a great match for turquoise

wall paint turquoise bathroom pattern wallpaper

Such a top color that is both vibrant and multi-faceted will give your home a fresh look. It's the ultimate take-me-color and you can not do much wrong. Think about the effect you want to achieve. In which room will you use the color and in what combination? And do not forget it - turquoise is always in!

Wall color turquoise for your living room

wall color turquoise living room white curtains

Bright shading and pink accents

wall color turquoise living room striped couch

If you like it minimalist

wall paint turquoise white living room wide stripes

A relaxed atmosphere in the bedroom

wall color turquoise white carpet bedstead upholstery

Teens especially like turquoise

wall color turquoise teenage room bedding

Turquoise and vintage - a successful combination

wall color turquoise bedroom mirror

Warm wood tones harmonize with the turquoise wall

wall color turquoise natural white chairs

Maritime and symmetrical

wall color turquoise navy blue dining room striped carpet

Eat relaxed

wall color turquoise kitchen orange yellow

Serenity and lightness with turquoise and brick wall

wall color turquoise kitchen open brick wall

Turquoise visually expands the space

wall color turquoise kitchen open plan

On this background, the warm red and pink shades appear even brighter

wall color turquoise kitchen counter red bar stools

Radiant white and bright turquoise

wall color turquoise kitchen cherry wood chairs

Very elegant and discreet

wall color turquoise chandelier crystals

Balance in the nursery

wall color turquoise nursery bunk bed

Artwork and pillows in warm colors

wall paint turquoise bright red stool carpet

A romantic Mexico flair

wall color turquoise yellow mexico style

Soothing color palette for the bedroom

wall paint turquoise yellow-green curtains high pile carpet

The wall can enliven you with many photos

wall color turquoise photos heart shape

Coral and turquoise - works harmoniously and at the same time dynamic

wall color turquoise corridor coral color

A great color trio

wall color turquoise corridor yellowgreen sky blue

Orange is another friend of turquoise

wall color turquoise ceiling green walls orange hanging lamp

Luxurious with turquoise and claw foot tub

wall paint turquoise bath claw foot bathtub

Turquoise and white with lemon yellow accents

wall paint turquoise bathroom white bathtub

A magical, Far Eastern ambience in turquoise

wall paint turquoise asian flair bedroom

Classic turquoise

wall color turquoise color