Fireplace and matching decoration around the fireplace

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Decorating ideas for the wall around the fire

Each of us has our own dream ideas of its interior. They may have something in common, but they always diverge in many aspects from different people. One of the elements that recurs in the visions of ideal interior design is that fire.

Do you agree?

Cozy living room with many and different patterns

fire in the fireplace living room beautiful pattern stones wall decoration

fire and comfort

There are many reasons why we do that fire like it so much. This gives us the feeling of security and warmth. According to archaeologists, the fire caused this feeling in humans already in the Stone Age. The fire in the fireplace connects us with many generations before us. The comfort that we achieve by this can hardly be compared to anything else.

Fire brings comfort to the room

fire in the fireplace stones wall decoration living room

Center for conversations and friend entertainments

The fire attracts people around. They always like to gather near him. A fireplace is therefore the ideal hub of a great living room dar.

Make for a comfortable interior design

fire in the fireplace wall decoration stones comfort winter

With a fireplace, the outdoor area is more inviting

Fireplace outside area fireplace stones grass

In bedroom, he also enters seamlessly. The fire calms the inhabitants and provides the necessary conditions for perfect rest.

Choose the right fireplace

For complete comfort, choose the fireplace that suits you best. The decision has a lot to do with the resources available. A fireplace can work with wood, pallets, even electricity. Gas and bioethanol are two other wonderful alternatives.

Fire, stones, plants ...

fireside living stones stones wanndeko plants

Traditionally, however, we associate the fire with stones. This probably goes back to bygone times when people lived in caves. For most fireplaces, no matter how they are operated, they can be clad with stones. This is shown by the variants we show in this article.

Combinations of stone, glass and wood

Designers like to combine stone, glass and wood in the fireplace design. These three materials often come together in different proportions. Designers like to use both artificial and natural stone.

Stone wall and wooden elements

fire in the fireplace living room stones decoration deco wall

Fire in the fireplace and comfortable furniture make the living room look very appealing

fire in the fireplace living room set up country style stones accent wall

The rural style is not obligatory

The rural style is no longer a norm in the interior of fireplaces. With the materials used, including stone, you can achieve various effects. The wall around the fireplace could be adapted to virtually any style. Depending on your wishes, you can also imitate stone with other materials.

Stones on the wall and leather sofas make up this living room

fireplace fire fireplace wall decoration stones living room black leather furniture

Spice up the natural colors with yellow accents

fire in the fireplace modern living room elegant living room furniture stones

Plants and accessories add an extra charm

fire in the fireplace cozy living room floor cushion plant cool wall shelves

Do you want to magical your soul this coming winter? fire warm up? Then use the time until the onset of winter to realize your project! So you have everything ready for the Christmas season.

Stones give a natural look

fire in the fireplace cozy living room set up stones wall decoration

This living room radiates a beautiful rural feeling

fire in the fireplace living room white country sofas rustic side table

Make the exterior look more attractive by integrating a fireplace into it

fireplace fire fireplace outdoor stones wall decoration

Combine vintage and rustic in one room

fireplace fire fireplace stones living room chandelier throw pillow

Fireplace in the living room corner

Fireplace living room set up fireplace stones